I was born in New Zealand and worked as a journalist, first in New Zealand and later, in Dublin, Ireland. I mostly worked for women’s magazines, as a Fashion and Beauty Editor, although I’ve done quite a lot of television and loads of radio work, as well.
In Dublin, I took up Astrology – always an interest for me – and gradually, the journalism fell away and the Astrology took over, as Editors began to ask me for Astrology columns and articles.
Meanwhile, I was also seeing clients for private Astrology consultations and this I’m still doing, thirty years later.
While studying astrology, I was also investigating various  branches of healing and alternative therapies and I tried out many of them for myself. I attended lectures and workshops by famous authors, psychics, clairvoyants  and healers. Some of the things I heard and experienced seemed strangely familiar, others were a revelation.
I also trained to be a Past Life Regression Therapist, helping others – and myself – to find out about our past lives and to heal ourselves in the process.

These days, I write, I move regularly  between Ireland and New Zealand and visit many other exciting and interesting places around the world. I set up Astrology Charts and discuss them with clients. I do a regular astrology spot on Radio Dunedin, in New Zealand, on a Monday morning. I regress clients into past lifetimes and help them heal the past.  I paint. I talk to my cat, Maia, named after a star in the Pleiades constellation. I visit my children and grandchildren, scattered around the world.  I laugh and talk with my friends.  And now I’m sharing what I have learned with you!