Wednesday 20th July 2016

Venus in Leo trine Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius




Venus in Leo is playful, sociable and confident, drawing people to her side as she flirts and makes free with her opinions. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is trying hard to juggle with major concepts, while still attending to the smaller details. He is anxious, worried and conscientious, uncomfortable in the expansive fields of Sagittarius, when he would rather be tucked away in a darkened room, juggling with figures, or worrying about his future. He is like someone on horseback, who is afraid of horses.

So, today is a good day for expressing yourself expansively to the world and assuring everyone that all is well, having worked hard on difficult ideas behind the scenes. You exude confidence and everyone warms to that confidence, while you may have only a sketchy idea of the organisation or expertise you will need for current or future projects. With Saturn retrograde, you may not have to produce the facts or the figures just yet, which helps. You can set your doubts aside and assure everyone that it is all under control.

It is also a good day for going on a planned trip and having fun, with people you love!


Glamorous Venus in Leo with frisky Saturn in Sagittarius.

Glamorous Venus in Leo with frisky Saturn in Sagittarius.

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