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Thursday 20th August 2015



Out Of The Blue


Mercury is working in a precise and careful manner at present.  Your thinking is practical and your actions are the same. Mercury in Mutable Earth means that, not only are the ideas flowing freely, but also that those ideas are grounded in reality and stand an excellent chances of become concrete.

But what about Uranus, a contrary planet, in a particularly ornery mood by virtue of being retrograde? Not to mention that Uranus is in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries and does not want to be held back by any silly rules or regulations.

Thanks to Uranus, Mercury’s careful plans are likely to be upset very suddenly. Of course, this could be fun! An impulsive decision to do something different, helped into being by that practical Mercury? What’s not to love?

On the other hand, if you are moving from A to B and Uranus decides to trip you up, that is less amusing. Be extra careful when driving, or even walking the dog.

It is a likely time for impulse purchases, too. Virgo’s careful cash-counting may go for nought when you spot that must-have item in a shop window. On the other hand, if someone suddenly offers you a large sum for your motor bike, or your garden shed, why not grab it?

Observed from the opposite point of view, Mercury in Virgo may be very helpful in putting the brakes on any mad schemes cooked up by the slightly crazy Uranus in Aries and that could be quite a good idea!

Mercury in Virgo applies his energy to healing and this will particularly manifest in the area of alternative therapies, represented by Uranus in Aries. We may hear of a medical breakthrough or two at this time.

You may also hear some unexpected news, get a call from someone out of the blue, or uncover some information that surprises you!

This aspect is like a neat little accountancy clerk being knocked off her feet by a manic skateboarder. Will he stop to pick her up? Will she find it exciting and exhilarating  and learn to skateboard too? Let us know!



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