27 October 2015


As the Moon swells and becomes full in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus, we find our thoughts turning to practical matters, to our homes,our property, the care of our bodies and possessions, our nourishment, our jobs and the money we earn, but also to the beauty of our surroundings, the loyalty of our friends, the security of our children, the steadfastness of our love, the joy of creativity, whether our own or emanating from someone else. If the Earth can be considered to belong to a sign of the zodiac, that sign is Taurus.

What does this Full Moon mean in your life?


You are counting your money, looking at the security or otherwise of your job, being forced to slow down and pause for thought and reconsideration, assessing your property, finishing off a work project.


This is a very emotional time for you and people you love are going through important changes which affect you a great deal. You don’t like surprises, but you may receive some now.


This is a time of isolation, during which you can rethink and reassess how you are feeling and what you are doing. You are probably focusing on your home, your domestic arrangements, and those you love.


There is contact with friends and colleagues; any groups or clubs to which you belong are looming large now. There is an important meeting or gathering and you may even be personally acknowledged at these events.


You are taking a look at your whole career now and where you are headed with your life. You are particularly concerned with how your plans affect your home and your family.


You are taking a look at your education and what you may be learning, or the knowledge you are acquiring, in whatever manner. There are also questions of distant travel: you may be travelling now, or simply organizing a journey.


It is time to assess your financial situation, particularly your joint finances with other individuals.  You may find you are quite well off, although there are considerable outgoings, too. You are looking at insurance, taxes and also perhaps thinking out your Will or other questions of long-term security.


With the Full Moon in your opposite sign, you may find yourself opposed to others and their plans. This is supposed to be your time! Others may perhaps be getting the attention now, particularly within a specific group. On the other hand, someone may also be singling you out for the attention you deserve!


You are looking carefully at your working methods and conditions. There are a lot of people around you and not all of them are rubbing along as happily as you might wish. Someone may have to go. You are attending to health matters too, your own and that of someone else.


You are in the mod for romance, but you may find that, although you are surrounded by friends and admirers, there is no one individual at this time who seems to be for you. However you can have a lot of fun, partying and socialising. This may be coupled with travel.


Your mind is on your your domestic arrangements. Someone seems o be affording you more space. Perhaps someone is moving out, or rearranging your quarters. It is good to have things sorted.


You are very aware of your surroundings now. Your home or your garden is being improved, whether by you or more likely, with the assistance of someone else. There is also contact with a sibling.


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