Mars Retrograde in Libra


The Wounded Soldier


by Shirley Johnson.


Mars is the red planet, the planet of fire, of energy, of martial conquest, foolhardy courage, enterprise and physicality.  When it turns retrograde, as it did on 2nd March this year, all of that fiery energy goes into abeyance. And what is retrograde motion? That’s when a planet, as viewed from the earth, appears to be going backwards.  It’s not, of course, but its usual energy becomes blocked, distorted and hampered, until  the planet in question eventually turns direct once more.

With mighty Mars retrograde, we no longer charge forward, eyes on the horizon, hopes and dreams waving overhead like a streaming banner.  Instead, we become hesitant, we question what we are doing and we waver, one foot in the future and one in the past.

We droop, despondent and depressed. Our energy dissipates and we may even become ill. We look to the past, instead of the future. We become doubtful about new career enterprises and financial schemes. We cling closer to home, either because we don’t want to travel, or because we can’t.

The work we’ve been doing on and around our homes slows down and may cease altogether, at least for now. Home seems to us noisy, lacking in harmony, yet full of activity. We can’t indulge in our usual sports, or fun pursuits. In our careers, we feel almost as though we are going backwards, putting in a lot of effort and seeing very little result.

Our sex lives lack enthusiasm and may even cease for the moment; we become uncertain of our partnerships – especially during this cycle, with Mars parked in its least favourite sign, Libra, symbolic of relationships and co-operation.

The money we spend seems to go nowhere – if we are making any. We quarrel with our friends and can’t decide whether to fit in with group decisions or to stand alone, equally unhappily.

So, what to do?  Firstly,  let’s look at the positive aspects of Mars retrograde.  It is a perfect time for delving into the past, whether you are doing research, checking out your family tree or going back over tasks already completed. It represents time out, so take advantage of that.   Make sure you take a rest every day, regardless of the work screaming at you for attention. Look after your health. Look into ailments you’ve been neglecting and put together a good health regime. Acknowledge the hidden anger you’re harbouring and deal with it. Go and scream on a mountain top, go for a run, or punch a cushion. You don’t need to identify the source of your anger (it could be from long ago). Instead, just acknowledge it and express it in safe ways. (Shouting at your partner and kicking the cat are not recommended!)

Make plans for your career, to be put into effect after Mars goes direct, on 19th May.

If you get to take a trip, go to a place that’s familiar to you, that will require little effort.

Set aside your frustration about the jobs not getting done and instead, plan strategies for their execution in the future, when the aspects are better.

Instead of blaming your partner for the way you’re feeling, concentrate on yourself and find ways to relax and quietly further your own life goals.


Here’s a brief run-down on the twelve signs and how they’re likely to be feeling during this Mars retrograde period.



With Mars, your planetary ruler, retrograde, relationships are your difficult area at this time. You may feel that your partner – among others – is showing too much independence, without regard for your feelings. You may be doing the same yourself, without realising it. With Uranus influencing you these days, you want excitement and personal freedom and you’re feeling frustrated, because these things seem beyond your reach. Calm down and be patient. Your partner is exhausted and possibly not very well. Don’t let misdirected anger spoil a good relationship. Develop your spiritual side.



Mars retrograde is influencing your career and your working conditions, in various negative ways. There are frustrations, delays and assorted annoyances, all of which are having an unfortunate effect on your income. People you’re dealing with, colleagues, clients and  others, seem to you out of sorts and unnecessarily antagonistic. There’s not a lot of work coming in, either. Your health may not be the best. You feel very tired and low in energy, which can open the door to various ailments, from headaches to kidney problems. You hate to consult a doctor and generally wait for ill health to “fix itself” which sometimes works, but not always. Have a thorough check-up.



There’s not much fun in your life at present – and you need fun and laughter. Group activities are hard to put together and you’re totally frustrated by the lack of cohesion. Do you act alone, or do you wait for co-operation? You like to do things quickly and that’s just not possible now. Children and young people in your life are having a few problems with their energy levels – either they’re lying around exhausted, or they’re bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy. Let them rest if they seem to need it and put them outside to play an energetic game if they’re over-active. Romance seems  lack-lustre, too. There are few signs of devotion from your lover and you’d like to see some!  Be patient and hang in there till May 19th.



This is not the best time to be undertaking repairs or renovations to your property, but it’s likely you’ll be doing just that.  Unfortunately, it will not go very well. There may be delays, or mistakes, which will drive you nuts! This is also a likely time for family rows, with people rubbing each other up the wrong way. Who exactly is in charge here? Try to work co-operatively, if you can.  Part of the difficulty is the anger and frustration you are harbouring within, which may actually have nothing to do with the problems seen on the surface. Allow yourself to be angry, but don’t take it out on the family. Instead, do something vigorous and active, which will let off some steam!



You may have a few problems connected with getting about. This could be anything from the car breaking down, to twisting your ankle while executing some cool dance moves.  If the universe sees fit to bring your gallop to a halt, then maybe it is time to pause and ask yourself just where you are going with your life. Take the opportunity to think things over and direct yourself positively. If you are travelling, by whatever means, take special care.

It is a good time to revisit the past, perhaps your childhood home. Also, take special care with how you express yourself, as misunderstandings can easily occur and tempers could flare up unnecessarily. Be especially tactful in dealing with your siblings.



This is quite a tricky time for you in your career.  Money is not exactly flowing in; in fact, it is likely to be going in quite the opposite direction. And these days, you don’t really have the support you require for your endeavours.  Assistance is quite precarious and you cannot rely upon it. Nonetheless, you are working very hard, although you find it extra tiring and things rarely go according to schedule.  Make sure you have plenty of variety in your work, as you thrive upon it. Your health is not the best while Mars is retrograde. Balance your energies.



With Mars in your own sign, this is a difficult time for you. You are putting as much energy as you have into your projects, but that is not a great deal these days. You are continually tired, perhaps unwell and nothing seems to be going quite right. Generally speaking, it is other people who have you off balance and you feel you are supporting them, rather than the other way around. Folks continue to do unexpected things, so that you never quite know where you stand. This is very annoying to someone who values harmony and balance as you do. Rest all you can, don’t rely on anyone and spend time doing research, ready for more propitious times.



With Mars, your co-ruler, in your Solar Twelfth House, you are not exactly bursting with energy these days and this may worry you, as you like to be always on top of your game. It could be late July before you feel like your old self again, but don’t worry, it will happen. Deal with any latent or chronic ailments – don’t wait for a crisis before you act. You may even be feeling a little depressed these days, but this too will pass, all in good time. Deal with any simmering resentments. You will be the loser if you allow such feelings to ferment unchecked. You’ve been dealing with many responsibilities lately and although you’re well able to do this, it is no fun at all. Escapist entertainment is invaluable to you now.



Although you apparently have a great deal of support at present, you may find friends are lacking in energy or enthusiasm for causes you have espoused together. Not only that, but there seems to be a bit of dissension over who exactly is running the show. Egos may clash and unfortunately, you are not innocent in this. You’re struggling with hidden anxiety regarding your own worth, but don’t make the mistake of letting this dictate your actions. You wish you felt more secure in your home life – you are not sure where you are, or where you would like to be. More cheerfully, there’s money coming your way this year.



Your career seems to be totally stalled at present and that includes, not only your job, but  your whole life path. You are experiencing a great deal of frustration, as you try to push through problems, only to find more piling up. Sometimes you feel you are on a treadmill, going nowhere. This frustration may even extend to your relationship. However, if you can just hang in there, all will be well after 19th May. You are going through much personal change and growth and you feel that is quite enough to be dealing with right now. Be patient and these anxieties will fade away..



You would love to be expanding your knowledge, but somehow you are just going over the same old ground. If only you could put your amazing new ideas into practice! However, you are certainly of great value in teaching, or otherwise passing on your acquired expertise.  At least any research is going well! You would love to be embarking on an exciting trip or two, but instead, you’re just returning to the same old places – if that. Your career is a bit of a struggle these days and money seems simply to disappear without trace. Try to enjoy the same old same old, if you can, and wait for more exciting times.



Where on earth is the money going?  You seem to be spending it as fast as it comes in – if it is coming in at all. And if you’re not spending it, then people close to you are helping to make it disappear. Generally speaking, you’re not too bothered about material matters, but you may need to get organized and examine your resources at this time. Nobody is being very helpful and you’re having to do pretty well everything yourself. In many instances, you have to return to square one and begin making plans all over again. Look after your health, as an earlier ailment may reappear.

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