Thursday 13th August 2015



Taking To The Stage


The Sun in Leo is today making an exact trine aspect to retrograde Uranus in Aries.  Leo is a Fixed Fire sign and therefore like a steady warm glow, rather than a raging fire. Leo people draw others around them like a moth to a flame and feel very comfortable being the centre of attention. When the sun is in Leo, we feel empowered, we feel we are allowed to be playful and flirtatious, yet at the same time, we use our power to look out for others, so that we can help and guide them.

Uranus in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries (more a forest fire than a warm glow) is bold, enterprising, rash, a little crazy, experimental and headstrong, especially while retrograde. He wants to take his own path and do his own thing, and he doesn’t care whether or not anyone follows, or cares.burning-man1

Thus today is a day when exciting things may happen. You may be going out somewhere, but not the same old same old. Things will be a little different. However today, Uranus will not be going it alone (although he often does). No, today he’ll either be swept into the orbit of someone dazzling (Sun in Leo), or else there will be a really fun gathering, with lots of laughter and maybe a competitive edge. There may be a dazzling concert or performance by someone very extrovert.

It is unlikely you will be alone today, but if this is unavoidable, you may be watching an exciting tv programme or film, or having a laugh with friends on   skype, or else doing something really different and creative. Leo is immensely creative and Uranus in Aries can produce some really wild and unusual ideas.

On the world stage, this may be a day when well-known people surprise their fans – or at least, the public – with an unexpected move. In some cases, people become well known through their extraordinary actions or experiences today.


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