Friday 20th November 2015


Getting There

This card features the four suits: Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups, also known as Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  Thus, all things and all possibilities are present today. Open your mind and consider ideas you might have eschewed previously. Open your eyes, look at the world that surrounds you and consider your place within it. Spread your wings and see how far you can go. Do not admit any impediments or obstacles – just go for it, whatever it may be. This is a card of travel, because it represents wider horizons and greater considerations than you may have dared to dream before today. There is an awareness of global unity and the contribution you can make to this idea.The World is the ultimate card in any tarot deck and therefore the culmination of a particular journey or aspiration. Today you realise your efforts are paying off, or that a process has reached its fulfillment.

Image: The World by Water Rabbit.

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