Tarot For Today



Thursday 27th August 2015


Speak Your Piece.


Well well, here she is again. It would appear that the business matters you were dealing with on Tuesday are not finalised yet. Keep a cool head, approach matters in a calm and clear manner and you should be able to sort them out.  It is no good getting into a flap, or losing your temper – that will not help at all. Swords represents the Element of Air and Air deals in words, not deeds.  Make some phone calls, write some emails, get texting and tweeting, have a chat about your finances, your property, or your latest project.

Don’t stay at home – get out and see people today! Who knows what may happen when you get talking and making connections?

The Queen of Swords is quite a cool lady. She may be witty, but she is noticing everything around her and making calculations. She will come away with numerous impressions, thoughts and deductions, based on what she has seen and heard.

Watch your words today – the Queen of Swords can be a little cutting in her comments. If it is you she picks on, try to laugh it off. In a battle of wits, she will probably come off better.


Image: The Queen of Swords from The Wizards Tarot.

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