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Monday 17th August – Sunday 23rd August 2015

On Sunday, the Sun leaves the Fixed Fire sign of Leo and moves into the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo.  Where Leo is playful, creative, luxury-loving and romantic, Virgo is more work-oriented, although with a love of nature that may see you attending to your garden, or getting out your hiking boots, swimsuit (or skis, depending where you live!) to commune with the great outdoors. Just before the Sun leaves Leo, it will encounter the bright star, Regulus, one of the Royal stars, also known as the Heart of the Lion and this will result in some power struggles, as people push and shove for the best position. 

ARIES THE RAM ( 21 March – 20 April)

It is hard for you to complete anything this week, as you keep getting distracted, with your thoughts wafting off into assorted dreams and schemes, fears and fancies. Your sleep pattern may be disrupted now, or you may be too hyped up to sleep at your usual time, so you will feel very tired.  At the weekend, you will be the centre of attention and as the Sun conjuncts the star Regulus, the Lawgiver, in Leo, there could be a bit of a fight for dominance, but it should end happily for you, with the help of benevolent Jupiter. 

TAURUS THE BULL (21 April – 21 May)

You are very focused on family affairs now and there will be plenty of family parties and gatherings this week. You will be inviting people into your home to enjoy your legendary hospitality – there is always great food in a Taurus house – and you are in a very generous and loving mood. However, at the weekend, you may have to make it very clear who is boss in a certain situation, but you will then be moving into a very pleasant period of fun, relaxation and travel, which you will enjoy greatly.

GEMINI THE TWINS (22 May – 21 June)

You are restless and industrious now, thinking about all the things you need to do and getting to work on them.  However, try to stay focused and to complete one job before starting on the next.  You should be able to make some headway in your career and you will be clearer about exactly where you are going. You are running about, bringing friends or colleagues together for an interesting gathering this week. Make sure you speak up about what you want at the weekend.

CANCER THE CRAB (22 June – 23 July)

The Moon, your ruler, is currently waxing, so that this is a good week for making preparations for future events, and to nurture projects through their latter stages. You will feel a sense of increasing optimism, as matters progress.  Circumstances may force you to stand up and say your piece, as your position is challenged, probably in the workplace, and you need to make it clear just who is in charge around here. Do some pleasant travelling at the weekend.

LEO THE LION (24 July – 23 August)

Enjoy being the focus of attention now and having friends and family around you. As your ruler, the Sun, conjuncts the Royal Star Regulus – known as the Heart of the Lion, in the constellation of Leo – you will need to defend yourself against criticism, but also against your own feelings of insecurity and anxiety. After that, you can turn your thoughts to freedom and travel.  In a burst of generosity or extravagance, you may spend quite a lot of money this week!

VIRGO THE MAIDEN (24 August – 23 September)

There are so many thoughts running through your head, so many possibilities and worries!  Other people can help you to calm down, if you give them half a chance. However, you may receive quite a variety of opinions and advice, so that, in the end, you do need to decide for yourself what you will do. At times, you are likely to make rash decisions which may turn out to be unwise, so do take the time to sit down quietly and think things out before you make a move. You will be taking a nice trip at the weekend.

LIBRA THE SCALES (24 September – 23 October)

While your ruler Venus is retrograde, your energy is low and you may easily become unwell, so look after your health and don’t allow yourself to become overtired. It is awkward that, during this time, you are required to shine socially, maybe even to organize some social events. Do not be swayed by others who may want to impose their ideas upon you, perhaps in quite an underhand manner, especially at the weekend. By Sunday, you will feel a wonderful sense of freedom, even if there is still plenty to be done.

SCORPIO THE SCORPION (24 October – 22 November)

You want very much to control your immediate environment, but there is always something unexpected coming up to interfere with this. It may be best to simply roll with the punches, instead of constantly bemoaning the fact.  At the end of the week, you feel very challenged as you try to assert your authority and you may even feel unable to cope. However, by the weekend, you in a far happier frame of mind and may even be kicking up your heels with friends, at a social event.

SAGITTARIUS THE ARCHER  (23 November – 21 December)

As your planet, lucky Jupiter, smiles down upon you from your Solar Midheaven, you are in line for all kinds of good fortune and pleasant events. However, your exhaustion and your many tasks, especially in the domestic sphere, may prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Deep down, you are not as sure of yourself as you would appear to be. Be prepared for a sneaky swipe at your position, quickly followed by a happy reprieve. 

CAPRICORN THE GOAT (22 December – 20 January)

It does not really help to hold your feelings in and this week you will have the opportunity to talk things over with someone who is both discreet and wise. In fact, there are quite a few people around you – friends as well as experts – who can be of great assistance to you. However, one of these people may seek to control you completely.  Make sure you don’t give in out of sheer apathy! The weekend is a great time to take off on a trip, especially if you go in search of culture, or the beauty of the natural world.

AQUARIUS THE WATER BEARER (21 January – 19 February)

You are full of enthusiasm and ideas these days, even although memories of the past seek to undermine your efforts at times. Your mind is particularly active now, although also prone to anxiety and worry. Physical activity, sports  and putting your energy into whatever jobs are to hand, will help you to calm down.  People around you may seem particularly feisty or controlling at the weekend, but don’t dismiss everyone out of hand. Someone really does have some helpful advice or information, if you care to listen. 

PISCES THE FISHES (20 February – 20 March)

You are full of uncertainty these days and this may not be the week when you get things sorted. However, it may help to listen to someone who is a good talker and has some very practical, down-to-earth ideas.  A colleague is not particularly  supportive now, but may actually be unwell, or certainly very tired, so try to be understanding. Pisces is so sympathetic that you often attract bullies and this week someone is quite likely to try to impose their ideas upon you. You will need to stand your ground.



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