Monday 10th – Sunday 16th March 2014.

There’s a Full Moon in Virgo coming up this week, on Sunday evening, 16th March, in the Northern Hemisphere (that’s Dublin) and early on the morning of the 17th – St Patrick’s Day – in the Southern Hemisphere, and Dunedin in particular. Wherever you are, the Full Moon will be in full force on Sunday night, so get out there and howl, or do whatever you do at Full Moon. (Not sure I want to know.)


Talk about the past with congenial listeners – or maybe with a whole group of people. It’s a great time for a trip down memory lane, perhaps literally. A solution to a health issue appears and it may mean a big turnaround in your thinking. Show what you can do at work, even if you are behind the scenes.


This is a great week for meetings and gatherings, especially if they have an artistic, cultural or charitable flavour. You are so much more sociable now than you have been in recent weeks. A loved one’s plans come to fruition at the end of the week and you may have to decide where you want to be. You’re likely to be travelling.


You’re expressing yourself for everyone to hear, probably in a work connection. The Full Moon gets you off to a good start. You’re on the brink of greater success in your career. Will you be travelling to a family event? Search your memory for information which will help others. Someone is unwell, or low in energy. Money may come – or go – unexpectedly.


This is a successful period for you,especially if you tread unusual paths. The public responds to you, as you broaden your perspective. Try to keep your temper – you may be wrong about something that’s irking you and you know you’re easily stressed coming up to Full Moon.You may have to be stern with a child or younger person. You’re feeling charitable.


You’re attending to your obligations now and this may involve a journey. Mid-week, you feel quite emotional. You complete a project this week, even if it holds up your progress in other directions. Don’t be too bossy! (Even if people seem to need your advice.) Try to take pleasure in the happiness of others, even if it reminds you of your own misfortunes.


The Full Moon in your sign brings completion this week, especially in a particular relationship. You’re very tense. Try to hold your tongue, or it may run away with you. Organize your surroundings. Take a break from work – maybe you are unwell? Don’t let anxieties prevent you from making necessary contacts. Someone close to you is exhausted.


Your imagination is working overtime this week! Don’t rush at things and then regret it. Stop and think. Take charge of work projects, but don’t shoot your mouth off! Recycling and tossing out junk make you feel better. You try to hide your anxieties about a loved one. A career project comes to fruition with the Full Moon.


An excellent week for looking at your life and taking steps to heal whatever is bothering you. You do not have to take the whole world on your shoulders, you know! Speak plainly, by all means, but try not to be hurtful. A group activity comes to an end and you are exhausted. Show your hospitality at home. You’re very busy!


Don’t get competitive about who is nurturing whom. You want to share your bounty with everyone. Returning to a particular work ethic has a beneficial effect. You’d love to be on the move, but you must attend to your career. You need to relax at home with loved ones. You speak kindly and gently to someone. There are unexpected calls on your cash.


Do you need to let go of a certain leading role? Release is an effective form of healing. You address a group. Why not hold a gathering at home?  You want to take it easy at work this week. Enjoy some cultural or artistic pursuits. A journey, or plans for a journey, are made now. Watch what you say, as you may well explode at Full Moon!


You are taking on a lot this week and expressing yourself in every possible way. Don’t let yourself be pushed around, simply for the sake of peace. Declare yourself, for better or worse. Despite your anxieties, you take on a leading role. Financial matters come to a head and you may overspend. Your savings prove to be a boon.


You are trying so hard to please everyone. Don’t try to be all things to all people. You take charge, despite your misgivings. A relationship issue, or a disagreement with your partner comes to a head now.  You may do some sudden spending! You are parted from someone and really feeling it intensely.



Monday 9th – Sunday 15th 2013.

After the changes of last week, the planetary action is relatively quiet this week, as we absorb and process recent events.

ARIES: You’re not in top form this week, as you deal with various health issues – your own and other people’s. However, you strive for balance, in this and other areas of your life. Others seem upset or aggressive, but you aim to be understanding. You’re a little bad-tempered or emotional mid-week!

TAURUS: You still feel rather lonely and isolated, although some have taken themselves off deliberately for some quiet time. People around you are working hard, rather glum, or caught up with their own problems. Friday and Saturday you feel taken for granted, or quite emotional.

GEMINI: You continue to be super busy, socialising, dealing with unexpected turns of event and helping with the healing of others – perhaps even groups of people. Events begun some time ago have caught up with you and need to be faced or sorted out. You need to let others call the shots right now.

CANCER: You’re out and about Monday and early Tuesday, doing kindly deeds and dealing with health matters. Engage with career mid week, including upsets in routine and social events. Thursday to Saturday, you’re hanging out with friends, probably for pre-Christmas activities and Sunday you’re happy to lie low and rest.

LEO: Your horizons are opening out, but it may not be in the easiest manner. You may have to decide whether to get involved with family this week, or to take off somewhere. You are feeling somewhat low, yet essential issues require your attention.

VIRGO: You continue to dash about in all directions, dealing with crises both great and small, including matters begun some time ago. People who are unwell or going through hard times need your attention. You are firmly focused on domestic concerns.

LIBRA: You feel somewhat adrift and lonesome, even when you are surrounded by family. Despite this, domestic affairs concern you now. You are extremely busy and very tired. Rest whenever you can! Events and people are taking you by surprise lately.

SCORPIO: You are digging deeply into the past this week and it is having a healing effect on you. You are in touch with people you haven’t seen for a long time. It is sometimes hard for you to express your feelings, but it’s happening this week.

SAGITTARIUS: You are much involved in family matters this week, organizing and planning. Whether you like it or not, the spotlight is upon you. You’re in touch with numerous people and there’s lots of socialising happening. You’re a little worried about something.

CAPRICORN: You really come out of your shell this week! You accept nice invitations and spend more freely than usual.  Much as you try to hide your light under a bushel, that’s just not possible! Yet someone is missing from this picture.

AQUARIUS: You’re enjoying the company of like-minded people, who are as clever and funny as yourself. You have some great ideas – almost too many of them! While you need to express yourself in your own way, don’t do it at the expense of others!

PISCES: You’d love to drift about, enjoying your own thoughts and dreams, but seems like you have to do what other people want right now! Anyway, you do want to please them, so get busy with the gift-buying, the Christmas visits and the parties!


MONDAY 2nd – SUNDAY 8th December 2013.

The New Moon on Monday night in the mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius gives us a boost, as we think about widening the scope of our lives. Some travel, some merely think great thoughts.

Meanwhile, little Mercury zips from deep, dark Scorpio into bright and optimistic Sagittarius, cheering us, bringing fun and frolics and connecting us with people far away.

Fiery Mars leaves careful Virgo and enters pleasure-loving Libra – we can stop worrying and start having fun.

ARIES:  People seem very contrary now and determined to do their own thing. They are quite outspoken about it and you may have a little disagreement. On the brighter side, you’re likely to be travelling this week – but mind those cranky drivers!

TAURUS: You feel quite lonely and isolated this week, which could make you feel a little gloomy. However, you begin a very busy few weeks! It’s time to take a look at your finances – where does the money go? A new source of income is possible. There’s a party at the weekend.

GEMINI: You cease to focus on health issues after Wednesday, your work-load lightens and you begin to connect in earnest with those who are important to you. You feel free! Look into communications projects now, as well. You are intuitive and maybe even telepathic. A new phase begins in relationships.

CANCER: If you’re feeling crabby, try to talk it through, instead of  lashing out at someone you love. Get started on home improvements, especially regarding power, water, or communications systems. Think about health issues, especially allergies, or low energy. A new job is likely.

LEO: You are focused on family affairs, especially someone who is going through important changes. You are feeling a little depressed, but you are attending to the necessities. A new phase begins in a relationship. You try to keep things calm and harmonious.

VIRGO: From Thursday, you feel much lighter and more liberated than you have for ages. Changes are occurring in your household. You are running madly about and getting in touch with all kinds of people, especially those with a job to do. You are getting folks together.

LIBRA: You want to do a lot of nice Christmassy things this week, but it is hard to get started. At the weekend, you can really get busy. The New Moon brings a whole new aspect to your communications projects. You need to stretch your money now!

SCORPIO: You will be showing your talent for organization and leadership this week, particularly in the way you communicate with people. From Thursday, look at your financial situation and take action. Try not to exaggerate a situation.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in your sign begins a new phase for you and you may feel the moment has come to leave the past behind you and say goodbye to negative situations. Pay attention to flashes of insight. Take your own path in a crowd of people.

CAPRICORN: Show your strength and your leadership now, even if you have to do it from behind the scenes. Your thinking is changing. You need to take your own path in life, whatever that means to you. Conciliation is not weakness.

AQUARIUS: You may be uncertain what direction to take now, but you certainly feel like taking off somewhere! Some display their talents to the world. You become involved in group activities from Thursday.  In fact, you may be joining a new group!

PISCES: You get in touch with your friends and family this week, especially if they live far away from you. You are receiving a lot of attention now. A new job or a whole new direction may be available to you. People stop being so obstructive. Check your finances – you’re a little extravagant!


Your Week Ahead


MONDAY 25th November – SUNDAY 1st December 2013.

The Sun is now in the energetic Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius, putting us in party mood as we move towards the Christmas season. Lots of travelling going on, too, as we journey to connect with family.  In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s also summer time and we’re all planning a summer break.

No transits this week, apart from the movement of the Moon from Leo through industrious, health-conscious Virgo and pleasure loving, caring Libra into intense, focused Scorpio for the weekend.  With Mars experiencing no major exact aspects, you may not get as much done as you hoped this week, so just enjoy the strong connection of Venus and Jupiter, in the meantime. If things don’t go as planned, just go with the flow.

ARIES: Early in the week you are extremely busy doing things for other people, although at times you wonder where it is all headed. At the end of the week, others seem needlessly emotional. Enjoy your social life, but consider your health, as well!

TAURUS: You are exceptionally stubborn now, even for you! Fun plans are afoot, but you are dawdling. People around you are very needy and a bit depressed, so give your time and let them have a good talk about whatever issues they may have.

GEMINI: You seem rather serious just now, although jolly plans are in the pipeline! You are spending time with people who need you, including the elderly and the very young! Get organized, especially in your working life. Weekend socialising is not exactly effortless!

CANCER: It is hard to spend time with those you love, as there is such a lot going on! However, the lines of communication remain very much open. You’re doing a lot of running around mid-week, but you can do some serious partying at the weekend!

LEO: You feel the urge to travel and you’re likely to take off at a moment’s notice. However, you are quite exhausted and may need to look at your health regime. Don’t overdo things! On Monday morning you are a little fraught!

VIRGO: Don’t lose sight of your objectives, especially long term plans, even if they seem to be delayed. Don’t lose heart and do some careful organizing. You may feel a little cranky on Tuesday and Wednesday!  You’re focused on home and family now.

LIBRA: Try to remain optimistic, even if you’re feeling tired or a little depressed. Enjoy having some serious chats with friends and those you love. If only life would settle down and stop messing you about! Stay calm on Thursday and Friday, when your nerves are rather frayed!

SCORPIO: Don’t be stubborn! If you feel unwell, why not look for some help? It is certainly available. Enjoy social or sporting events early in the week. You are a little worried at the moment, concerning someone you love. Spend time planning a trip.

SAGITTARIUS: You would love to be able to offer more support to someone you care about, but it is difficult. You’re offered hospitality – are you going to take it up? You could make some money now. There are annoying restrictions, but they will lift eventually.


CAPRICORN: You have a lot of arrangements to make, so get chatting to the right people. You are in a charming and gregarious mood and people want to be around you. Take advantage of the healing that is available as you move towards big personal changes.

AQUARIUS: You are enthusiastic about taking up all offers and people are giving you a lot of attention, but it is not always straightforward, as circumstances move and change. You seem a little tense and nervous – try to find some way to relax.

PISCES: A lot of attention is focused on you now and it’s a chance to show off your many skills and talents. However, you may not be totally happy with the spotlight that’s shining on you. People around you may seem a little pushy these days.

Self knowledge through the stars

I first began to study Astrology in 1980 and I have been studying, giving personal readings, teaching, writing  and giving workshops ever since.  Even working with basic Sun Signs, you can analyse a personality with a great degree of accuracy and once you begin working with all of the planets, the integrity of a Natal Chart proves to be nothing short of amazing.  No two are alike. Each one of us has our own little piece of time and space that is uniquely our own. The moment of birth is like a snapshot of the universe; just for a moment, everything stops and when we examine that moment, an incredible individual emerges – you.
From the relationship of the planets to one another at that moment of birth, we can see your talents, your desires, the nature of your relationships, your career prospects, the way you feel about money and property, your health issues, your attitude to travel and to widening your outlook on the world, the potential problems you’ll meet along your road through life – every single thing you might want to know about yourself.

We can even see, in your Birth Chart, the other people in your life.  We can see your partner, your children, your mother-in-law, your friends, your parents, your siblings.

Astrology is an incredible tool for any individual who desires self-knowledge. It is  known as the psychology of the ancient world and in some ways it is superior to modern psychology, since through Astrology we can quickly pinpoint an issue.  The owner of the Birth Chart doesn’t even need to be present!  What might take a psychiatrist weeks, or even months or years to retrieve from the subconscious, is right there in the Natal Chart for any good astrologer to see.  The great psychologist Carl Jung was known to use Astrology to help him with difficult cases.
I’ve always felt that everyone should seek out an Astrologer to set up their Natal Chart. It’s your right, your heritage, to know who you are and where you’re going. The chart, with its mysterious glyphs, lines and angular patterns, is a kind of personal possession. There you are, there is the world, the sky, the universe and your place in it. Your place in the centre of it. The chart s a kind of mandala, even if you don’t understand its meaning. Just looking at it can give you a feeling of peace, of knowing, of satisfaction.

The more the Astrologer learns, the more there is to be seen in the Natal Chart. Not just you and your world, but your previous lives, your previous worlds, if you care to look. Anything that has a beginning can have a Natal Chart. A city, a war, a business, a relationship, a cat, a horse race.

If you’ve ever wondered who you are, Astrology can tell you. If you’ve ever wondered where you’re going, or even where you’ve been, Astrology can help.

Do I make it sound like the panacea for all ills?  Maybe it’s not quite that, but it can certainly help you towards your own healing and help direct you on your path through life.


Your Week Ahead

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 11th – Sunday 17th November 2013.

At last naughty Mercury goes Direct and communications can run more smoothly. Your car troubles are sorted, your phone’s back in credit, your mother-in-law is speaking to you again and you receive the cheque that’s been in the post for so long.

The Full Moon at the weekend brings closure to difficult events and financial matters.

ARIES: You get very efficient this week, doing the research, making the phone calls and sorting things out in a very sensible way, as the Full Moon approaches.  You’re in touch with someone you haven’t connected with in ages. You may even be in party mood!

TAURUS: You’ve been holding back for a long time, but now it all comes out!  You may be sharing your grievances, or even declaring your love for someone! You are very determined. Greet someone from faraway who reappears in your life. You’re very emotional at Full Moon over the weekend.

GEMINI: You can really get on the move now that Mercury is getting into gear once more – dreams may well come true!  Your silver tongue is in excellent form and you can talk anyone into anything.  But mind you don’t spend money on something foolish yourself!

CANCER: Travel with people you love and have some deep and meaningful conversations.  Reveal your hopes and dreams to sympathetic ears. Visit a magical place! Monday and Tuesday are great for travel, Wednesday and Thursday you’re focussing on the future. Relax and breathe deeply as the Full Moon approaches – you get so emotional!

LEO: You have some big plans and you can really go to work on them now.  People pay attention to you and you can move things forward very forcefully, after feeling stuck for some time. The Full Moon may well close a chapter in your career and affect your home life.

VIRGO: Mercury goes Direct at last and helps you move travel plans forward and deal with transport issues. Someone whose behaviour has seemed puzzling or confusing now reveals what’s really going on. If someone has been unwell, you now understand more about the situation.

LIBRA: If you’ve been a little pessimistic, now you become very determined to take action. Don’t let someone’s erratic behaviour throw you. Career and financial matters can now be dealt with as they become clearer. Sort out insurance now.

SCORPIO: You are extra charming and sociable this week and there’s a great deal going on. The Full Moon brings personal matters to a head now and there could be a confrontation with someone close to you. Communicating is easier, but don’t start fantasising.

SAGITTARIUS: As usual, you are trying to look after everyone, but you really go overboard on it this week. However, everyone is being very helpful to you, as well. A work situation is sorted with the Full Moon – some end a job, some begin one.You can put your thoughts into words now.

CAPRICORN: Put career plans into action – you have the energy to do it. You can now reveal what is on your mind, although you may choose to be very imaginative in your approach. Things get very emotional with someone you love at Full Moon.

AQUARIUS: Someone helps you with your enthusiasms and they are very determined to see things through. Communications projects that were stalled can now go ahead, but be very clear in your understanding of what is involved. Family members are very emotional at the weekend.

PISCES: You feel more like your old self. You can move ahead now, after being held up for quite a while. Many set off on a trip. You may want to travel to someone’s aid. An event for which you have been preparing occurs at the weekend

Your Week Ahead

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 28th October – Sunday 3rd November 2013.

There is a new moon in Scorpio on Sunday, along with an unusual hybrid  (annular plus total)  solar eclipse. First, there’s a ring of fire around the dark circle of the moon, as the moon passes directly across the sun (an annular eclipse). Viewers in Florida may see this for a few seconds right after sunrise. Later, the event becomes a total eclipse for about 99 seconds, visible in parts of Africa.

In astrology, eclipses are important, creating a sensitive point in the chart which may denote special events for  quite a while afterwards. You may find that someone (probably male), or something, disappears from your life at this time. Happenings may be anything from a broken romance, through lost jobs, house moves and financial upheavals to the passing of a relative or close friend.

Change doesn’t have to be negative. The event may be simply a clearing of the way, as old circumstances fade away to allow room for new.

ARIES: Decide between caution and impetuous action this week, as you move towards a big transformation in your life. A change of job may be on the horizon, as you think back to earlier circumstances. You are tense and anxious at this time.

TAURUS: You feel a little lost and lonesome this week, not quite knowing which way to turn. Good fortune is in the wind, but not blowing your way just yet. You are in the mood for travel these days. Your partner produces a few surprises now.

GEMINI: A change of job, or of work circumstances, could be yours if you could just ease up on your stubborn way of thinking. Bright ideas may turn out to be not so clever after all. Proceed with caution. Beware of impulse purchases now, as well.

CANCER: You are extremely busy this week and you want to tidy up any loose ends as you work towards  different circumstances ahead. The lovelorn may have a change of heart, as you release an old love and turn your attention to someone new.

LEO: You’re being overshadowed by someone this week – never enjoyable for Leo. You try to get everything exactly right, but it’s not easy. You may have to decide between impulse and routine now. You are feeling quite emotional and nervous.

VIRGO: Your thinking is not as clear and logical as usual and you may look to past events for guidance. Sometimes you feel you are stuck in a rut, at others you move forward impulsively with consequences not always to your liking. Calm down!

LIBRA: You may feel you are dashing about to no particular purpose. However, a new job may be in the offing, as an old one fades away. Make sure you do all the background work and research. There is a lot of activity going on around you now.

SCORPIO: Your plans will come to fruition if you take care of all the little details. However, you also need to take care of your health – you’re a little accident-prone. You may have to take a back seat for a while, as you deal with someone else’s problems.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re kind of free floating this week, although there is plenty of activity, rather like a hamster on a wheel. There are moments of pure pleasure. You tend to react emotionally rather than logically to events now. Your thinking is a little skewed!

CAPRICORN: You need to rely on yourself now. You may feel a little isolated, even in a crowd. Enjoy a social event, which you will find very emotional. Proceed with caution and don’t be too stubborn. You are saying goodbye to a friend now.

AQUARIUS: Try not to charge ahead without thinking – a cautious attitude might work better. However, your “up and at ‘em” attitude could be helpful for long term goals. Someone close to you experiences changes in their career. Clear communications would help.

PISCES: You feel quite lost this week – not too unusual for Pisces. Other people seem to you quite pushy, even aggressive. This is a good time to take a trip, as you receive a message that makes you pause for thought. Someone is not very well.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 21st – Sunday 27th October 2013.

Little Mercury goes retrograde on Monday, bringing the possibility of transport strikes, technology hitches, personal misunderstandings, trade snarl-ups and issues with your car or roller blades for the next three weeks.

The Sun leaves pleasant, harmonious Libra on Wednesday and plunges into intense and powerful Scorpio, bringing the desire to steamroller your way through problems and get on with the business of transforming your life.

ARIES: You can stop pussy-footing around now and push on with plans and schemes, even if this brings you more attention than you really want. Look at your personal hopes and ambitions and stop thinking about what everyone else wants.

TAURUS: The freedom you’re desiring and enjoying these days is curtailed a little by family matters and you have to make some choices. Don’t get mired in the past, however. Your outlook may become far too gloomy, although you could also be inspired by past events.

GEMINI: Examine past thoughts and actions only if they help with changes you’re now trying to make. Don’t give way to depression – it won’t help. Be very organized! Catch up with old friends and have a laugh. Deal with a recurring health problem.

CANCER: You’re not much in the mood for work this week!  Meet a friend from far away on Monday; take time for personal fun and enjoyment mid-week and chat about old times; put yourself first on Thursday and Friday as you take centre stage; catch up on work at the weekend.

LEO: You become less light-hearted and more serious now. Focus on home and family matters and take your own direction, but don’t get carried away by your imagination. You are very tired – even unwell – and you are doing far too much.

VIRGO: Don’t become too stubborn, or negative in your thinking. You are inclined to think the worst about someone. You need to be very organized now. Get busy on a task you would like to avoid. You are afraid you are repeating a scenario you didn’t enjoy.

LIBRA: Travel is very much on your mind now.  You are returning to a familiar place.  This is planned and for some, there is an element of necessity about it. Think about people you haven’t seen in a while. Is someone in need of your help or encouragement?

SCORPIO: You are absolutely determined to go your own way, come what may. Is this wise?  Maybe you should be a little more flexible. It is fine to break away from routine, but going where the wind takes you may not be the answer either.

SAGITTARIUS: You need to weigh up the needs of family and friends against what will bring you fun and pleasure.  Are people making too many demands upon you?  Maybe it is time to relax and take some time out. You feel the call of the open road!

CAPRICORN:  Don’t fall back into old ways of negative thinking. While it’s a good time to re-examine the past,  it’s not a great idea to get into recriminations or to dwell on past hurts. Let it go; forgive and forget. Take care with all modes of transport now.

AQUARIUS:  You are particularly focused this week as you work on a long-term idea.  You want to bring it to a successful conclusion. Look at a bright idea you have had for ages and work it out in depth. Your partner may be a little emotional at the weekend.

PISCES: Enjoy all the attention you receive this week. Many are performing, or otherwise showing what they can do. You have a wonderful imagination and you’re very creative. Focus on a major plan and think about how you’ll achieve it.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 14th – Sunday 20th October 2013.

This week, Mercury slows to a halt as it prepares to go into reverse, giving us time to pause and reflect and causing communications systems to signal a go-slow. Mars leaves extrovert Leo and slips into careful, earthy Virgo, helping us to get our heads down and look at complex issues, especially health and work. Meanwhile, Friday’s Full Moon in fiery Aries brings contentious issues to a head.

ARIES: You’ve been uncertain of your direction lately, but now you trust your instincts and go where they take you. You’re tired, even unwell. Take time out to reflect and meditate. The Full Moon helps you find out where you stand with others.

TAURUS: You’re spreading your wings and pushing out boundaries lately; events may take you by surprise, so keep your cool. You are stirred into action rather more than you would like. Look after your health. It is a busy and sociable week.

GEMINI: Concentrate on what you have to do. Ruminate on the past and try to learn from experience. There may be quite an upheaval at home – repairs to be done, noisy neighbours and the like. Events reach a conclusion for a close friend or family member.

CANCER: Look into your finances on Monday and check out travel and education issues midweek. The Full Moon dominates your week, with important events in your career taking place, the culmination of family plans and a fab social event.

LEO: You are doing your best to keep everyone happy lately, but this week the Full Moon could make that an impossibility. Things are said in the heat of the moment. Meanwhile, it is hard to budge from your home and communicating may be difficult.

VIRGO: Try to stop raking over the past – it will do no good. However, you may like to reflect quietly on your life, without judgement. Mars hovering on the brink of your sign brings up anger and stirs you to action. Check out financial and property matters.

LIBRA: You are full of brilliant ideas now, so note them down and be prepared to put them into action. Work stalls, so turn your attention elsewhere for the moment. Get together with friends and have a laugh. A relationship reaches an important phase.

SCORPIO: You’re quite gloomy lately, but do not act in haste. There are ways of healing your situation, if you wish. Going over old ground in your mind is not very helpful. Put some effort into group activities. A decision is reached about your working conditions.

SAGITTARIUS: You would like to be on the move, but opportunities are scarce at the moment. You spring into action, on instinct. A situation concerning a friend or lover comes to a head. It will only make you crazy to relive the past in your mind.

CAPRICORN: Try not to leap before you look – although trusting your intuition may assist you in moving forward. It is extremely hard to get through to friends at the moment. They seem intent on reliving the past. Your domestic situation is sorted, for the moment.

AQUARIUS: Try to bring a little balance into your enthusiasm for life. You’re working towards a definite idea and that becomes more obvious now. Things are moving much too slowly for your liking. A communications project comes to fruition. Check your finances!

PISCES: You are taking action this week, even though you’re not certain of the outcome. There is an important event in your career. Folks around you seem self-centred and touchy, but you’re very forgiving. Matters in education seem to be stalled for the moment.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Tuesday 8th – Sunday 13th October 2013.


ARIES:  You are a little confused this week, not quite knowing what to do. Tuesday could bring a row, or you’ll feel gloomy. Mid week is more enjoyable and very sociable. You could well head off somewhere at the end of the week and have a fun weekend.

TAURUS:  You will be covering a lot of territory this week, although you are not sure where you are headed! Lap up some culture, see a movie, have a mad time with your mates. You are connecting with some friends from far away.

GEMINI: You may be a little bit down this week. Try to stay cheerful, get out and see people and attend to your health. You will be playing a starring role at some point and there’s some organizing to be done. Little accidents may occur in confined spaces.

CANCER: Catch up on necessary communications on Tuesday, attend to health matters mid-week and spend time with your nearest and dearest at the weekend. On Sunday you’re likely to receive a nice invitation – enjoy the fussing you’ll receive.

LEO: Hang out with a gang of people this week, but make sure you don’t overdo things. You’ll be doing a lot of talking, a lot of communicating in every way and you are travelling, too. You feel as though you’re scattering your energy in all directions.

VIRGO: Try not to dwell upon the past – it will only put you into a sombre mood. Be very businesslike and organized – you may have to deal with disruptions to your plans. Return to a place you know well. You are a little accident prone right now.

LIBRA: Give your wild ideas some space in which to grow. There are no boundaries to your imagination! Do some writing, designing, painting or other creative work.  Travelling in good company appeals to you. Your partner may be absent now.

SCORPIO: You really want to break away from the ties that are holding you back. You will experience greater freedom this week. There is time for sober reflection and you are doing a lot of organizing and planning. Spend time with younger people.

SAGITTARIUS: You are wanting to nurture everyone lately (perhaps it is necessary)  and this week you totally take centre stage as you show what you can do. You will also be taking your own desires into greater consideration – get some Me Time in now!

CAPRICORN: You get your thoughts in order this week as you delve into the past.  You‘ll be doing a lot of sorting out and recycling as you try to make sense of things.   Be prepared to deal with unexpected events and upsets to your plans.

AQUARIUS: Events which have been gathering momentum for some time may take you by surprise this week. You just have to get on and deal with matters as they arise. It is essential to keep the lines of communication open now.

PISCES: You will be taking some time out and you may even be hiding away from certain people and responsibilities. However, you will not be alone, even if you would prefer that. It is a good time to get creative. You are extra sensitive now.