Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th September 2013.

At the end of the week, frisky little Mercury, planet of communications,  exits fun-loving Libra and enters deep, dark and mysterious Scorpio, urging you to ponder on important matters and bring secret issues out into the open.

ARIES:  Sort out questions, especially contentious ones, with the women in your life. Bring problems out into the light. You may be enjoying yourself, but someone else is going through tougher times. This is a likely week for you to be travelling.

TAURUS: You feel quite emotional on Monday, so be nice to yourself. Don’t be too stubborn, however – a male in your life needs plenty of attention. You can be quite controlling, so ease up a little. This is an excellent week to go on a journey.

GEMINI: It is really hard to get your point across this week – watch your temper, don’t say too much and use your charm.Try not to be argumentative. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are all quite tense and emotional days for you.

CANCER: See your friends on Monday, because Tuesday to Thursday you’ll be out of circulation to some extent. Some feel out of sorts, some have problems with communications. The weekend is emotional, but looks joyful – maybe you’re celebrating!

LEO: You are very tired this week, maybe even unwell. However, you may have to be sociable, whether you feel like it or not. Rest up whenever you can. You can be very creative now and your sensitivity is heightened – you may even be psychic!

VIRGO:  You may be away from all the action right now, but it is not unpleasant, even if you don’t have all the support you would desire. Think beautiful thoughts, especially about design and colour. You might be a bit cross on Sunday.

LIBRA: This is a good week to be on the move, whether you go on holiday, or just get out and about. Expand your horizons. Have a good time with your friends.You may want time alone, but you’ll find you have to be mingling with others quite a lot.

SCORPIO: You are pressured into dealing with difficult problems this week and a lot of issues emerge. There are upsets to face, so use your organizing ability to good effect. You may have a few health issues – try unusual methods of healing.

SAGITTARIUS: Spend some time socialising and looking after other people this week.  You are in caring mode these days and now you take specific action on this score. Get active and take part in sports or competitions of some kind. You will shine!

CAPRICORN: Worries you have been harbouring now come into focus and must be sorted out. It’s good to have things out in the open. You are very determined. You’re also a little accident prone, so take care! Don’t be too rash or headstrong.

AQUARIUS: Your tension finds an outlet this week to help you relax. Dig deep and look for new answers to some old questions. Nagging thoughts may return to plague you. Don’t let your new-found enthusiasm be undermined by old insecurities.

PISCES: You may want to hide yourself away in your safe little cave now, but you will find you are urged out into the limelight. Your acting ability comes in handy as you face essential socialising. You may find yourself entertaining people this week.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD:  Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd September 2013. This year, the Autumn Equinox (the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere) falls on 22nd September, when the Sun leaves hard working Virgo and enters the more hedonistic sign of Libra. The Full Moon in sensitive, emotional Pisces is exact on Thursday morning, though most will feel it in the few days beforehand, especially Wednesday evening.

ARIES: Go with the flow this week. You won’t find everything going according to plan, so adjust accordingly. Enjoy parties and gatherings, where you can be the centre of attention. Sort out a health issue. It’s a good time to take a family related trip.

TAURUS: You may be low in energy, or a little depressed. Deal with necessities, especially things that have been waiting for a while. Why not break out of your comfortable rut this week? Looks like a party at the week’s end, so enjoy it!

GEMINI: You are in touch with people far away. Why not take a trip this week? Act on the spur of the moment (you know you love that). The full moon brings decisions affecting the next six months. Expand your horizons! Romance and fun beckon.

CANCER: Stay calm as the full moon approaches. Make decisions regarding travel and study. Legal matters come to a head. Look at your finances early in the week; travel Wednesday or Thursday; party Friday and Saturday; see your friends on Sunday.

LEO: As the Sun, your ruler, leaves fussy Virgo for pleasure-loving Libra, your thoughts turn to travel. Plan a trip now. The full moon helps you sort out issues around your money and your property. (It all began back in March.) Keep your cool.

VIRGO: The full moon helps you face matters having their beginnings six months ago, especially around relationships. Take a trip this week, or make your plans for travelling. Other people shake you out of your calm and balanced mood.

LIBRA: Be very practical this week and organize your tasks. Sort out, discard, recycle. Career matters are sorted, too. You may feel a little down – get some fresh air and be sociable. A health issue is worked out at last. Reconnect with old friends.

SCORPIO: Other people can lighten your mood – if you let them. Don’t let others dictate to you, but take care, or you may say the wrong thing. A relationship is sorted out, one way or another. Take a trip now. There’s a party or gathering this week.

SAGITTARIUS:  This is a very busy and active week, especially at the weekend. You are connecting a lot with other people, but do be careful what you say. Don’t be over-sensitive. Give some attenion to family affairs. Think carefully about your future.

CAPRICORN: Other people help you to feel loved and wanted now. Reconnect with someone from your past. Try to be sociable and friendly, even if at times you want to break free and be a little crazy. A row could be brewing, but it will clear the air.

AQUARIUS: Express some new ideas in a charming manner – you’ll get your point across more easily. There’s a lot going on this week!  You may not get the time and space you’d like, as others want your company. They may be going through a tough time.

PISCES: The full moon in your sign makes this an emotional week and relationships may be an issue for you. You are feeling oddly lonesome, but this will all change next week, when you’re the focus of attention, so enjoy the respite now.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD:  Monday 9th – Sunday 15th 2013

On Monday, Mercury, planet of communications, departs from anxious Virgo and skips into balanced, pleasure-loving, sociable Libra, bringing lots of nice contacts and invitations during the next three weeks. On Wednesday, Venus leaves relaxed Libra and moves into Scorpio, heralding deeper involvement in relationships, culture and matters legalistic.

ARIES: Old habits are fine, as long as they are good ones. Events try – and possibly succeed – to force changes. Deal with health issues, especially if they are long-running. Avoid negative thinking. Connection with friends and family is pleasurable.

TAURUS: At first it’s all beer and skittles, but later in the week there are more serious issues to face. Release old patterns of thought or behaviour. Someone is very tired or unwell and needs your help.  Give your attention willingly to other people.

GEMINI: Enjoy the company of friends and family; attend parties and gatherings; you’ll meet people you haven’t seen for ages. Romance is in the air! Words can heal. Release old thought patterns. You may change your plans quite suddenly. Be creative!

CANCER: You are ready to expand your horizons. Express yourself and you’ll be recognized for your brilliance! Take care of necessary tasks early in the week. Work offers greater possibilities now. Try not to be stubborn when dealing with other people.

LEO: Time spent attending to health and wellbeing has very positive effects. You really need some space, so why not take a trip, or at least get out of the house? You do some quite unusual things this week! Try to release stubborn attitudes.

VIRGO: Relax and have some fun! Follow cultural pursuits and express your creative side – seek original paths and use your imagination. Try to mend a few fences. It is helpful to look at both sides of an issue and to maintain flexibility.

LIBRA: It is time to get serious about certain issues and to look at matters in greater depth. Things you have been meaning to deal with can’t be put off any longer. You’ll feel better when you’re organized. Talk about stuff! (It’s good to share.) Your health improves.

SCORPIO: Material issues are promising – gifts and assistance flow. Talk to friends and people you love – they are loving and understanding and it really helps. You receive much attention and it feels good. You’re more forgiving and generous in your thinking.

SAGITTARIUS: You receive some recognition for all the kindness you have shown to others and you really need that. You are feeling very confident these days and less likely to be over-sensitive. You need warmth and appreciation. Turn to your family.

CAPRICORN: You are really determined to get things moving and to embrace new ideas. It is time to release the past. What will you do next?  The world is your oyster! You feel sociable and in the mood for romance.   Enjoy yourself!

AQUARIUS: Try to deal with your exhaustion. You make lots of connections this week with friends, family and amenable people who want to hear what you have to say.  Take action and make things happen. There could even be money in it!

PISCES: If you are feeling a little confused, connecting with helpful, loving people could be just what you need. You are torn between the desire to deal with things alone and the urge to share your issues with kind friends. Accept their help!


Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th August 2013.

Just five days this time, to get back in line for the handier Monday – Sunday predictions, as formerly.

There’s a big fat full blue moon in the early hours of Wednesday morning, concluding issues begun around February 10th this year, as you decide whether to go along with the mob mentality or to stand on your own and do what is right for yourself.

The Sun leaves confident Leo on Thursday and slips into quieter, more thoughtful Virgo for a month ahead, shifting your focus from fun, friendship, romance and creativity to pursuits such as work, study, nature and health.

Mercury, governing communications, abandons extrovert Leo on Friday and enters more reserved Virgo, for several weeks of careful planning, list-making, domestic chores and financial wizardry.

ARIES: Focus on yourself and your own needs and desires. You might feel like going a little crazy and you don’t care who sees you! Some of you are even performing! You really want to let it all hang out,especially at the weekend, but it could all get a bit emotional.

TAURUS: Try not to dump on those who love you, even if you feel you are not being treated well. Maybe your self esteem needs a boost. Attend to essentials, especially regarding recycling, clearing out and cleaning up. You’re farewelling someone.

GEMINI: You’ve been feeling buoyant and speaking up for yourself, but from Friday, you concentrate on quieter pursuits involving study and detailed work. You’re still feeling pretty confident, however and you’re putting some plans into action at last.

CANCER: The Full Moon may have brought on a bust-up concerning who-does-what, but later in the week you enjoy a cultural outing and go places where you can see and be seen. A piece of news brings quite a surprise. You are really busy now.

LEO: You are inclined to see things only from your own point of view at the moment. Try harder to see the bigger picture. You’re over-thinking everything. It’s fine to be working away behind the scenes, but try to let people know what’s going on.

VIRGO: You begin to feel so much better from Thursday and you gain far more attention. From Friday, you begin to put your thoughts into action. You’re very focused on your own projects, but do try to understand what others are experiencing.

LIBRA: You’re feeling pretty good, if a bit stressed by the things you absolutely have to do. Organization is the key. It will also help if you clear the clutter and do some major recycling. People around you are a bit emotional over the weekend.

SCORPIO: It is nice to reconnect with those you love and you may be able to help them with their problems. Try to see things from their point of view, however. You may be too quick to put your ideas into action. Have fun on Wednesday and Thursday!

SAGITTARIUS:  Things do not go entirely to plan, but you are usually able to cope with any sudden changes in routine. This is quite a sociable time for you and there may even be a party going on. Do you feel like going a little bit crazy?

CAPRICORN:  This is a good time for getting together with people you love, although there may be some adjustments to be made in someone’s attitude. (Is it yours?) You’re changing a lot and you don’t want the process to stop, even if it is painful.

AQUARIUS: You are in a very giddy mood and other people are encouraging you to go a little bit wild! This is a very good time to travel, although the journey may not be a smooth one. However, you don’t really like things to be boring, do you?

PISCES: You are much concerned with your own affairs now, even although other people are demanding your attention. On Wednesday and Thursday you feel a little bit fraught, even weepy.  The weekend looks like a lot of fun, however!

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Wednesday 14th – Tuesday 20th August 2013

Venus leaves virtuous Virgo, where she’s been kind of lonesome, and on Friday, enters her home place of Libra, bringing all kinds of friendship, romance, togetherness, fun, enjoyment and culture – not to mention a search for equality and justice – into your life for the next three weeks.

ARIES: Ask yourself what you want and need, express this to others and go for it. You need a little comfort now and lots of hugs, but don’t forget to give this to other people, too. You could easily say or do the wrong thing now. Time to take off on a trip, but plan carefully.

TAURUS: You are so busy doing all kinds of essential jobs, but from Friday, you can give yourself a break and put your feet up. Apart from the people who still want your help, that is, but remember you don’t HAVE to give your assistance.  You are really tired!

GEMINI: You’re getting plenty of attention now and hanging out with all kinds of interesting people. You’re really busy, especially on the domestic front, but you might be overdoing it a bit. Slow down! It is time to attend to your own needs. You need rest and sleep.

CANCER:  Wednesday’s fun, Thursday and Friday you’re really busy, the weekend is spent attending to your partner, or other people in your life and on Monday and Tuesday, you turn your attention to finances and  health issues. You’re getting tense as the Full Moon approaches!

LEO: Bask in all the attention you are receiving from other people – the radiant Sun is in your royal sign, after all! Enjoy the company of those you love, as you visit and chat. You are really tired, however, so take as much rest as you can.

VIRGO: You’re receiving plenty of attention now, but you’re not onstage like Leo. Instead, you’re hidden in the wings. Young people and children are around you and you’re really busy, particularly with domestic issues. Enjoy a gathering or a party this week. Maybe a trip, too!

LIBRA: You’ve been feeling a little isolated or lonesome, but now you come into your own as the week progresses, with friends and loved ones all around you. You really shine! It is easier to accomplish necessary tasks. You’re still tired, sadly.

SCORPIO: You’re still feeling a bit glum and you have sooo much to do, but that is chiefly your own choice. It might be nice to take off somewhere this week and get away from your work. Make contact with people you love and let them make a fuss of you!

SAGITTARIUS: You’re still involved in minding other people, but this week you’re saying goodbye to someone, then greeting someone else you haven’t seen in ages. Enjoy having fun – there may even be a party! The company of young people and children cheers you.

CAPRICORN: You’re taking life a bit too seriously lately, but this week you feel like playing truant. Enjoy socialising with people you love and enjoy a bit of escapism, whether cultural, or back-to-nature. You are very tired, so rest up as well.

AQUARIUS: Life’s quite exciting lately and new things come up all the time. You have rather too much to do this week, however. Conserve your energy, as you’re very tired. Share your knowledge and hang out with younger people. Are you taking a trip this week?

PISCES: Your attention is still on yourself – unusual for Pisces – and you seem quite determined to attend to essential personal matters now. However, others seem to be claiming your attention as the week goes on, so why not relax and enjoy being with people you love?

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Wednesday 7th – Tuesday 13th August 2013.

Mercury leaves sensitive Cancer on Thursday  and nips into bolder Leo, helping you to express your thoughts and act out your impulses in a braver, more confident way over the next few weeks.

ARIES: You continue to attend to the needs of your family and others who depend upon you, plus improving your home and garden, but now you do it in a way that suits you. In fact, you’re now thinking about what YOU need and acting upon that.

TAURUS: You have a lot of practical things to attend to and you’re getting on with this quietly and carefully, without consulting anyone else. There may be someone who needs your attention and you’re giving it in a kind and particular way.

GEMINI: You begin the week working hard, thinking of the needs of others and fulfilling many obligations, but from Thursday, your attention switches to fun, creativity, enjoyment – and romance. You’re out and about and thinking about travel.

CANCER: You begin a new phase, probably in a work context, although you’re not sure where it is leading right now. Attend to detailed tasks, then have a really enjoyable weekend! You are trying to show others the right way to proceed.

LEO: It is certainly time to think about what your personal wants and needs may be and to act upon that. You might need to get away from it all this week and to do whatever makes you happy. You need a bit of pampering – and cuddling, too!

VIRGO: You’re thinking about your requirements, but not sharing your thoughts and this could make you quite cross. You think people should be able to see what you need without your expressing it, but not everyone is that sensitive – or thoughtful. Speak up!

LIBRA: Attend to tasks that require a lot of careful planning. Make lists; set things in order; sort the chaos. You may be doing this alone, or in a secluded place. It could be strangely enjoyable, so go for it! The down side is that you may not see so much of loved ones.

SCORPIO: You’re still working your way through big changes and this week you make huge progress. Talk about what is bothering you (hard for Scorpio) and let it all out. Get in touch with others far away – a trip is coming up for you.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re in nurturing mode as you attend to the needs of other people.  You can make a big difference this week! Don’t forget to look after yourself as well, or you may get into martyr mode. Do a big clear-out, in home, garden, or mind-set.

CAPRICORN: Don’t let a stubborn attitude hold you back, nor wool-gathering hinder you from your task. The time has come to speak out, or to otherwise let your thoughts be heard. For many, it’s time to show the results of your labours.

AQUARIUS: You are very eager to forge ahead and try new things these days, but don’t get careless in your zeal – you may need a bit of care or healing this week. On the other hand, you can fill others with enthusiasm and cure their lethargy.

PISCES: You have so many ideas and dreams you want to fulfill and this week you take some practical steps towards that goal. Don’t keep things to yourself – speak out and let people know what is in your mind, even if you feel a little nervous about it.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Tuesday 23rd – Monday 29th July,  2013

Now that the planets have had their little shakeup last week, they’ve settled down for the moment, making their presence felt in their new situations.

ARIES: Are you going to do your own thing, or be more loving and sociable? You decide. Your sights are set on far horizons as you itch to expand your world and your life. You get to express all that, now! There’s an emotional weekend ahead.

TAURUS: Take a little time out for yourself. Some feel unwell, others just want to contemplate the infinite. People seem to be blocking your wishes these days, whether deliberately or accidentally. Your composure is shaken on Monday.

GEMINI: You want to be up, up and away! To be doing things and going places! Get organized and make sure you attend to all the details, as disruption may occur. Have a contingency plan! Bigger projects can be set aside for the moment.

CANCER: Think about long-term plans now and use your imagination. However, your partner may be unable or unwilling to go along with your ideas. Make sure to get away from it all at the weekend. You need fresh air and a break from routine.

LEO: This is a time for you to think about yourself and your own needs. Maybe you’d like to do something a little crazy, or to accept an exciting invitation! Duty calls, however and you may have to attend to responsibilities. Mind your health, as well.

VIRGO: Life is full of movement and excitement right now. Travelling really appeals!  Enjoy cultural and artistic matters. Unexpected changes may bring interesting opportunities. You’re drawn to family matters, too, as you meet a relative you haven’t seen for ages.

LIBRA: You are working really hard and attending to numerous details, mostly by yourself. Don’t let others drain your energy. You wish certain people were around you. Be very organized now. There are some fun things to do this week, as well!

SCORPIO: There are certain things you simply have to do and you may feel quite tired. However, there’s companionship and friendship around you. Shouldn’t you attend to your own wishes a little more? Don’t let unexpected events throw you.

SAGITTARIUS: You are full of energy and vigour now and there is a lot to be done. You may have to cope with the unexpected! However, you are extremely well organized. Enjoy some great entertainment this week. You’re cross with someone in the family.

CAPRICORN: You are unusually stubborn these days. You know things have to change, but you’re resisting. It is not egotistical to consider your own desires. Friends are there to help you, if that’s what you’d like. You’re working like crazy!

AQUARIUS: A long term plan may have to be set aside for a while. You seem to be running around like a mad person – try to calm down! You can express yourself extremely well right now, so why not do so? Bathe in a little limelight.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Tuesday 16th – Monday 22nd July 2013

A lot of changes over the next seven days, as the Sun leaves caring Cancer to dash into dazzling Leo; romantic Venus exits flirty Leo and enters sensual Virgo; little Mercury goes Direct to set our communications straight at last and contrary Uranus goes Retrograde, making surprises a little less fun. Not to mention the crazy Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday (you’re likely to feel it on Sunday night).

ARIES: Don’t rebel just for the sake of it – you may be sorry. A straightforward sympathetic chat could sort out a family misunderstanding. The next four weeks will be enjoyable – and romantic. Plan some special time with the one you love.

TAURUS: Creative expression flows brilliantly now, as long as confusion behind the scenes doesn’t create havoc. Pause before putting crazy ideas into action. Plan to host friends or relations at home soon. You’ll go somewhere exciting this week!

GEMINI: Make big plans for a group project to help your career – you’ll soon be gaining plenty of attention for your talents. Enjoy having friends into your home and  beautifying your surroundings. You could be a little accident prone now, so take care.

CANCER: The desire to travel and go places may be thwarted by unexpected developments at work. However, soon everyone will see how brilliant you are at what you do. Tackle a few things around home to create a more attractive environment.

LEO:  Private plans can now begin to take effect, as you begin to move centre stage. Have some quiet time with a loved one. Funds you’ve been expecting will be coming soon. Why not return to a place you really like and enjoy yourself?

VIRGO: You are so charming and gorgeous now, though sometimes it seems there’s nobody much around to appreciate it! You and your partner should take care this week, as you’re somewhat accident prone. Take extra care of possessions, too!

LIBRA: People around you are acting a little contrary, but you’re good at coping with the unexpected. Be clear in what you want in your career, as messages can now get through. You begin several weeks of enjoyable socialising and group projects.

SCORPIO: You may have to deal with a few upsets at work. Good time to travel, but take care of yourself, as you may not be paying full attention. (This includes walking and all forms of motion!) Partners show their caring side now.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll get your finances straightened out this week, which helps with a particular project, but don’t be too extravagant. Make plans to see a special friend again. You begin several weeks of delightful socialising -  and romance!

CAPRICORN: Your domestic arrangements may be upset this week. Someone makes their thoughts very clear. You and a partner need to look at financial arrangements, even if you don’t quite agree. Think about heading off for a bit of R and R.

AQUARIUS: Long term plans could be upset, though matters at work are clarified. You’ll have to accede to other people’s wishes for a few weeks. However, there’s money coming your way soon. Tension rises till Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday!

PISCES: Communications between you and those you love become so much clearer and thoughts you’ve been saving up can now be shared. People around you  become far more amenable and charming – just make sure you appreciate it!

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 8th July – Sunday 14th July 2013.

The cuddly little New Moon in Cancer very early Monday morning this week helps us appreciate our families and begin a new regime at home. Mars leaves hyperactive Gemini and enters more cautious Cancer on Saturday, helping you to think before you act.

ARIES: Stop racing around in circles and settle to doing jobs about the house – though some take off on holiday now, desperate for more space. Face your financial issues – things may be better than you thought. Are you feeling a bit cross?

TAURUS: Enjoy socialising with family and friends. Have fun with a sibling! Your partner seems more settled now. Many take off on holiday, others begin a programme of improving the garden or surroundings. Don’t shoot your mouth off!

GEMINI: Try to take an objective view, even if you feel put out. Your career takes on a new aspect. You are working hard and the task you face is quite large. Money appears – take care you don’t spend it at once. You get to grips with health issues.

CANCER: You face the work in hand with a new vigour, although you’re trying to bring about big changes. The New Moon in your sign gives you a new resolve and Jupiter adds greater optimism. Some people just won’t let you care for them.

LEO: Enjoy the social scene – you’ll dazzle people. At home, issues become clearer and can be resolved, with imagination and magnanimity. Your energy could be low for a while, although your brain is working overtime – you may have a new outlook!

VIRGO: Your thinking clears, even if others seem a little confused. Be precise in what you say. Your social life becomes extra busy, with new friends on the scene, but you’re the leader! On Friday and Saturday you may be quite agitated.

LIBRA: At last you see how to proceed in your career, although you’re still very tired. Get your finances under control. Forge ahead with new plans, especially if they’re concerned with travel or communications. Delays are still likely, however.

SCORPIO: You are much clearer about where you are headed. Forces gather as you plan a holiday or a journey. You feel really invigorated! You are extra charming, which helps particularly in a work context. Put your efforts into family affairs.

SAGITTARIUS: Mental confusion abates and you begin to see how to order things. Make up your own mind. People around you seem more relaxed. A new initiative in your finances appears, but tread carefully – Mercury is still retrograde.

CAPRICORN: People around you seem to be suiting themselves, but they are excited about what’s going on and you get swept up in it all. You begin to understand a friend’s problems. Someone is quite helpful at the moment.

AQUARIUS: An imaginative plan should go very well now. You become extremely busy with work.There is a lot to do and something new comes up, which looks really good. You begin to see both the wood AND the trees.

PISCES: Friends and family show how much they really care about you and it is all a bit overwhelming. Misunderstandings could still arise, however, so be patient with people. If a trip has seemed impossible, now it begins to seem quite likely.

Your Weekly Stars

YOUR WEEK AHEAD: Monday 1st July – Sunday 7th July 2013

After last week’s flurry of activity, the planets are content to tread water now – literally – with a Grand Trine in the Water signs gradually forming, bidding us to pay attention to our feelings and our intuition.

ARIES: You are eager to be on the move and a change of scene is coming up soon. You are extra tense and restless. You are not keen on being told what to do, although long-term plans are on hold for a while. Concentrate on home and family affairs.

TAURUS: You want to play and have fun and fancy free Taureans are extra flirtatious now. Travel appeals,  though your trip may be for business, or an essential journey. You feel quite agitated on Tuesday and Wednesday – be careful what you say.

GEMINI: Do your own thing now, even if it means taking a trip alone. Use your intuition about where to go and what to do. Try to rev up your confidence with regard to your career – better prospects await you. Thursday to Saturday, you feel quite emotional.

CANCER: You receive a lot of attention and you exude charisma!  Choose your words very carefully. You may have totally the wrong end of things. You want to be on the move, but plan any trips with great care, as confusion is likely.

LEO: You are extra dazzling right now and people flock to your side. You would rather enjoy yourself than look at issues surrounding your work, or health matters. Return to a place where you feel safe, perhaps to the bosom of your family.

VIRGO: Your friends seem to be making all the wrong moves. It is hard to get in touch with some of them. Join a crowd and take some exercise!  However, you’re a bit accident prone right now, so take extra care.  Enjoy being in contact with nature.

LIBRA:  You are receiving plenty of attention right now, but it may be because you’re feeling unwell, or having some problems. Think about some changes you’re wanting to make in your surroundings. You feel quite broke, although there’s more money on the horizon.

SCORPIO: If you’re having problems, try hard to let them go, instead of dwelling upon them. You are ultra sensitive right now, especially at the weekend. You have to do things on your own – and there is such a lot for you to do!

SAGITTARIUS: You are unusually sensitive right now – for you. Hidden worries are crowding in on you a bit. You need to consider other people’s wishes and wants, even if they’re quite tactless or demanding. Experts may not give the answers you’re wanting.

CAPRICORN: Try not to be too stubborn. The scenarios you envisage may not come to pass at all. The good fortune and cheer you see around you help you forget your woes. It is hard to get your hands on the money you want.

AQUARIUS: There is a lot you want to say and to express, but you may find it quite difficult. Don’t worry, because people are really very encouraging. They like you! Family affairs may interfere with career matters, although things look good in the workplace!

PISCES: Don’t let negative thoughts and feelings overwhelm you. Try to be totally honest. Are certain friends being too possessive? Introspection may get in the way of socialising and of relationships. Yet you may rush to the side of someone you love.