HOW THE DAY LOOKS:  Today, Sunday 9th September, the Moon leaves dizzy Gemini and moves into home-loving Cancer at 12.49pm.  You’re still communicating and connecting, with phone calls or texts, plus some essential trips. Many are going through big life changes now – moving house, becoming solo, acquiring a partner, or celebrating something important. Home’s not exactly tranquil, as you move stuff around, do home repairs, hit the gardening, and accommodate everyone in what they have to do. Someone’s a bit cranky – is it you? You’re quite tired. (Take a nap!)



Today, 6th September 2012, sociable Venus enters extrovert Leo,  heralding a month of fun and romance.  What does this mean for each sign of the Zodiac?


Lucky you!  For the next thirty days, you’ll be socialising madly, though some of it will be necessary trips and visits and pre-planned events, which may have an element of duty about them.  However, the added element of surprise is always there!  If you’re in a relationship, it’ll be extra nice and you may even think about taking things to another level.  If you’re fancy free, there’ll be lots of flirting and fun encounters. Where it goes from there, only you can say! If you have children in your life, you’ll enjoy outings and just being in their company.


Venus brings a very sociable element to your domestic life. Maybe you’ll have friends staying, maybe you’ll host activities in your own domain, maybe you’ll have fun with relatives. Also, you’ll be beautifying your home in some way – painting, decorating, buying new furnishings and so forth. You’re creating more space somehow, but it takes work.


For the next thirty days, you’ll enjoy making contact with people you really like and there will be some surprises in store. Have fun on unexpected outings. Get involved with a group of people who are good company. You’ll enjoy making your thoughts known and other people will love it too.There will be some very pleasant trips for you.


Looks like you can make some money in the next thirty days! There could be an unexpected windfall or cash from an unexpected quarter. Just don’t blow it all! You easily could. You’re also enjoying your living space,  making it look good and inviting guests in to enjoy it with you.


With Venus in your sign for the next thirty days, you’re at your dazzling best! (And you were never one to hide your light under the nearest bushel.) You’re gorgeous and charming and people are full of admiration. It is also a time to share and to entertain others, but you’ll receive plenty of invitations yourself.


You’ll be enjoying yourself over the next thirty days in quiet ways.  You may take yourself off somewhere away from home and relax where  your usual companions can’t reach you. (Not that you dislike them – you just need to recharge your batteries!)  Some sunshine would make you happy. People you love are unreachable too. Maybe they are also away somewhere?


This is a time for you to enjoy gatherings and get-togethers of all kinds. The next thirty days will be filled with meetings, greetings and social occasions and you’ll have a lot of fun! People may surprise you, perhaps with unexpected invitations, perhaps by their behaviour.  Some of your socialising is pre-planned and necessary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.  Let yourself have fun! You’ve held back long enough.


This is a period when you can relax and actually enjoy life. Take some time out, enjoy the company of friends, do things just because you enjoy them. Set your anxieties to one side.  If you’re working, you will enjoy that too, thanks to unexpected events. A little trip away is likely over the next thirty days.


Venus brings an element of enjoyment to your studies. For some, this is because you’re taking time off! For others, you’re just loving what you’re doing. You may also take a trip during the next thirty days. Someone else gives you the opportunity and there may be some duty about it, but you’ll enjoy it!


You will find people extremely helpful over the next thirty days and they assist you cheerfully and with a will. You’re going through quite a transformation now, so this is very affirming. Money will also be more plentiful and there may be an unexpected source of cash, or money anticipated comes unexpectedly to hand.  You’ll enjoy your spiritual and occult interests as well.


People around you are very helpful and extra loving now, especially your partner.  During the next thirty days you will find yourself widely appreciated, especially if teaching or sharing information in some way. Your thinking is undergoing some changes, as you release old outdated ideas.  Try to visualise more money – you’re thinking negatively on that score.


If you’ve been working hard, now is the time to relax. Even if you’d rather be working,  enjoy the break, even if it is unexpected. If you’re hard at work, you’ll find it all very enjoyable, with some socialising thrown in. If your health has not been good, it improves now, perhaps due to complementary medicine or some unorthodox treatment. Prepare for life change you know are coming and be optimistic!