Saturday 5th March 2016


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Today there are things you need to get on with, whether you like it or not, tasks to be faced with the best grace you can muster. Perhaps there are lawns to mow, windows to wash, ovens to clean, or other jobs you have been saving for today and now must dispatch. It may also be a day for making a complaint, or disagreeing with someone and even if you feel you need to say your piece, you could well regret it later. You might find yourself isolated, or alone. Perhaps compromise, or forgiveness, might be a better option. There could be a challenge for you today, but make sure you face it honestly and honourably, or you may find that the price was too high. Others may choose not to accept any challenge you put forward and by simply walking away, they will win. Choose any battles carefully today. There is also the possibility of secret sabotage by someone. This may or may not be deliberate. This is certainly a day when you need to step carefully, think hard and choose your words thoughtfully. Hasty words and actions may lead to regrets.


Image:The Five of Swords from the Cheimonette Tarot, by Eden Gallanter. www.



Wednesday 23rd December 2015


Is It Really Necessary?

When you are influenced by the Devil card, you need to do whatever you must. (Or, you think you do.) There does not seem to be much leeway today. You may be constrained by appointments, by visitors, by schedules, by itineraries, by someone’s illness, or by all the things you absolutely must do today to be ready for Christmas. This is not necessarily a problem. In fact, you may be quite pleased to be getting through your lists of things to do and to see the end in sight – more or less.  However, take care that you are not creating false boundaries for yourself. You may have more choices than you are acknowledging. Also, you may be letting your fears run away with you. Calm down and try to be logical and practical about the situation. This solstice time is a powerful time to break free of negative patterns, thought processes, addictions and influences.

Image: The Devil from The Phantomwise Tarot.



FRIDAY 18th December 2015


Doing Your Own Thing

Not sure what to do? It is better to find the answers yourself today than to ask anyone else. You will know what you want, better than others might. You may spend time today on your own, or thinking to yourself, or dozing, or meditating. Maybe you need to think about taking a new direction and to make some decisions about it. The Hermit tells you that you need to pay more attention to your spiritual development and less to practical or material concerns. Maybe you are considering what Christmas means to you and to your family. This is not a day for telling other people what to do, but for contemplating your life and your own future. The Hermit represents old Father Time and is telling you that it is time to do certain things that perhaps you have been avoiding. He will also help you to make a fresh start in some way. Creative visualization will help you and so will doing some Affirmations. (Also, the Hermit is an old man with a long white beard. Are you visiting Santa today, perchance?)

Image: The Hermit from The Chibi Tarot.



WEDNESDAY 16th December 2015


Seeing Results.

You will now see the results of actions previously taken – things work out in an inevitable fashion. Could even be a spot of karma, in some cases, as someone gets what they deserve. Of course, what they deserve may be wonderful!  You will see the completion of a series of events now and hopefully, there will be satisfaction in this. Make sure you look for the facts today and don’t be satisfied with an approximation of what is going on.  It is important that everyone works together in harmony and nothing is assumed or concealed. You could be trying to make a decision and you will need all the information in order to come to a clear conclusion. This is a day for everyone to take responsibility for their actions.

Image: Justice by Svetlana Makarova.



Wednesday 9th December 2015


Progress and Good Cheer

This is an excellent day for getting together with family or friends, whether for a meal, a drink, or even a celebration. Is there something special to celebrate today? Or maybe you are realising that a particular goal is in sight, or you’re getting along with a job better than you had hoped. Or maybe you are just getting into the Christmas spirit! There is a feeling of peace and harmony about this card, but good cheer, as well. If you have been feeling a little frazzled, or daunted, or even depressed, today should see you much happier. This is a new stage you have reached (or someone close to you has done so) and you are feeling good about it.


Image: Four of Wands by Katelan V. Foisy.





TUESDAY 8th December 2015


A Rosy Glow

Try to keep your feet on the ground today, whatever you are doing. You may be daydreaming, or busy with a very absorbing task, or simply visiting Santa and his elves. It is a good day for this kind of whimsy, or perhaps seeing a movie, attending a play or a show, or doing anything that takes you away from the basic routine of your life. However, don’t get too carried away, as you could be very forgetful, to the point of losing your keys, or forgetting where you parked your car, or having a few drinks too many in the pre-Christmas party spirit. In your rose-coloured glasses, you may even waltz off from the office party with someone you later decide is definitely not for you! This card is all about romance and fantasy – just make sure you don’t get them confused!

Image: Seven of Cups.



Saturday 5th December 2015


Whither Goest Thou? (And Why.)

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, not just about whether to be a brain surgeon or an opera singer, but also about such mundane matters as whether to have pizza or burgers for lunch. No matter whether your choices are large or small today, you need to weigh up the situation, look for all available information and try to come down on one side or the other. Of course it could help to consider a third option, perhaps something ingenious, one that seems to make everyone happy. The Two of Swords can also be a card of stalemate, but this simply means the choice must be faced again at a later date, the difference being that, by then, it will be very urgent. There may be a clash of opinions today, but hopefully not a full-blown argument. Try to keep things civilized!

Image: Two of Swords by Shatterstripes.



Thursday 3rd December 2015

Doing Things Differently


This is a day of change: while it may be inevitable, it may still be difficult for you to adjust. However, remember that without change, there can be no progress. It may be that your usual routine is disrupted, whether by design or by accident. Perhaps you will do something impulsive, which will change the way you think, or even your whole outlook on life. Perhaps someone else will initiate the change and even if you feel cross at first, it should turn out well, as the Wheel of Fortune is considered to be a beneficial card. It may also indicate a change of scene and therefore you will be travelling, or at least, out and about, instead of vegetating at home. Embrace the changes and see where they lead!

Image : The Wheel of Fortune from the Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck by Linda Ravenscroft.



Wednesday 2nd December 2015


Getting It Together

This is a card all about loving: friendship, family relationships and being together with people you love. Maybe you will have a meal with friends, or visit members of your family. Maybe you will have a happy day with your beloved. Perhaps you will receive loving messages from someone far from you. Maybe you will spend time with children and share in their innocent pleasures. The Lovers card can also mean connecting in a beneficial way in business, or making arrangements with others which will have a happy outcome. Enjoy!

Image: The Lovers by bluefooted for DeviantArt.

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Sunday 29th November 2015


Well Done

It has been tough, but it looks like you are there – or very nearly so.  You have been on a journey, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. You have discovered many things, about life and about yourself.  The path has not always been straight ahead and you became a little battered and bruised and certainly exhausted, along the way, but now it looks as though you are reaping the rewards. The journey may also be of a severely practical nature, of course. You have have been working on a particular task and wondering if it would ever be completed, but this card is telling you that it certainly will. You  have been doing better than you thought and now you can see the results, or  you will, very shortly.


Image: Three of Wands from the Steampunk Tarot.