Saturday 28th November 2015


Be Strong.

Show the word who is boss today!  Be strong and certain in what you undertake and complete it to your own high standards. Look after other people if that is what they need, but perhaps you need to be stern to be kind.  Look to faraway places and know that you can be in contact in a moment with those who do not live near to you. Everything is in your hands today. You can carry a heavy load and do it well. You are very grounded and it is a good day to complete practical tasks. Do not expect anyone to mollycoddle you today. Organize, deputise, make lists, get things done. Use the wisdom you have gathered through your life up to this point. Make a plan and stick to it. Deal with organizations and bureaucracy. Yours is the final word today. You may also meet the Emperor today, probably a mature male, who is strong and wise, but takes no prisoners.


Image: The Emperor from Mischief Circus blog.



Friday 27th November 2015


If you have been feeling anxious, stressed and confined lately, today will provide some welcome relief. You will be offered comfort or a distraction in some form. Maybe a friend will drop in, or you will receive an invitation. Maybe you’ll have a meal in good company, or you’ll be offered assistance with the tasks you are performing. The Two of Cups gives the assurance that you are not alone. Sometimes it is about friendship, sometimes it is about romance. If you are in company, the atmosphere will be congenial and harmonious. If you are trying to reach the solution to a problem, fairness and balance should result. Time spent with a partner will be delightful. In some cases, a budding romance may be in the offing. Best of all, you will feel at peace with yourself and who you are. At the very least, you will be conscious of working towards that end.

Image: Two of Cups from the SPN Tarot by Nimloth87 for DeviantArt.



Wednesday 25th November 2015


Running Around Madly

The Page of Swords is very lively, clever and quick.  He may appear in your life today as a vivacious child, or a young person who is full of life and energy, or a friend who has a very youthful outlook. There is a lot of talking to be done today and maybe you will get a particular message, of hear a bit of news or gossip, or attend a particular gathering, that you will find stimulating. He has his mischievous side however and may sometimes say things you find hurtful. But he is not vindictive, so try to let it go over your head. This is a day for running about on various errands, for contacting people and for ticking off tasks.  It may prove very exhausting!


Image:  Page of Swords  from the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk.



Saturday 21st November 2015


Balancing the Books

This is a good day for balancing out things in your life on the material sense – for paying debts, or being paid. Perhaps you are feeling blessed and as a result, you want to share what you have with others who are more in need. You can also share your wisdom, or your goods. On the other hand, if you are feeling deprived, today someone will give you a helping hand. You may need to ask for this, or it may be simply offered. This is a day for restoring equilibrium. Take a look at your finances and see just where you stand, then set about redressing the balance. You may also want to look at your relationships and think about just how they are working out. Are you the giver, or the receiver? The carer, or the adored? The worker, or the shirker? Or do you have wonderfully harmonious relationships, in which each person plays their part to their utmost ability?

Image: Six of Pentacles by Melvis.



Tarot of the Hidden Realm Nine of Swords

Wednesday 18th November 2015


Why Worry?

What is bothering you? This card indicates there is a lot on your mind and you are allowing it to make you anxious. Have you said something you shouldn’t? Perhaps you can apologise, or make it right in some other way. Are you allowing a criticism or someone’s words to get inside your head, so that you are questioning and doubting yourself? Remember that self esteem comes from within and does not rely on another’s opinion. Do you have a long list of things to do and you are driving yourself mad wondering how you will ever cope? Sit down and make some lists, prioritising some items and crossing off others that really do not matter. This card indicates that you are creating your own worries and it is not your circumstances at fault. The good news is that the Nine indicates a phase drawing to a conclusion, so that whatever you do, it will all be over soon.

Image: Nine of Swords from The Tarot of the Hidden Realm.



Saturday 14th November 2015


Let It Flow.

Here she is again, the bountiful, generous woman, sharing what she has with other people, thinking how she can help and showing what she can do. If she is a little easily offended, this is merely because she is so sensitive that she feels things quickly and deeply. Her sensitivity also extends to picking up on how you are feeling and giving sympathy when it is needed, or helping you out when you are overburdened. This may be you today, or you may meet the Queen of Cups, who is generally (although not always) a mature woman. The Queen of Cups may also show up when you are being over-emotional about something and should consider applying a logical turn of mind. It is wonderful to use your intuition, but not at the expense of common-sense.

Image: Queen of Cups for Monica N. Galvan for DeviantArt.



Wednesday 11th November 2015


Doing It Right

This is a day when you will be plodding along, doing what you have to do, keeping up with your commitments and generally being industrious, reliable and meticulous. No galloping off on a vain quest for you today. It is all about routine, but in a good way. You’ll be getting the job done without complaint and up to a high standard. It might not, therefore, be a day for being wildly creative or spontaneous. Keep all that for another day. If you put in the work, you will achieve your goals. You will be showing your reliable, trustworthy side today. On the other hand, don’t become too obstinate or set in your ways. A little flexibility might be a good thing. You are also likely to meet the Knight of Pentacles today, a guy who sticks to the rules, does things according to the book, might be a little lacking in sparkle, but is honest and honourable. You’ll get some boring jobs done today and be very pleased with yourself.

Image: The Knight of Pentacles from the Druidcraft Tarot.



Tuesday 10th November 2015


Safe and Secure.

The Ten always tells us that we are at the end of a cycle, that we have reached completion and fulfillment in some way. Yet within each ending there is always a new beginning, a new cycle unfurling some different aspect of our lives. Pentacles represents the element of Earth and therefore the material side of life. Perhaps an insurance claim has reached a conclusion, or money on deposit has reached full term, or a job is ending. Maybe you have sold your house, or put it on the market, having decided definitely to move. Perhaps you have come to the end of a major renovation, or a term of renting a property. Maybe there is something important going on within your family – a birth, a marriage, an engagement, even a death. Or, of course, events may be on a far more humble level. You may be buying a new bed, or painting the front door, attending your daughter’s school play, or inviting the extended family round for a meal. There is a sense of completion, stability and success with this card. The family provider is pleased and relaxed because of his ability to provide security for his family. Money or good fortune may appear from somewhere today.

Image: The Ten of Pentacles denotes material satisfaction.



Saturday 7th November 2015


Accentuating the Positive

This is a happy card, suggesting a good day for you today. Metaphorically, if not in actuality, the sun has come out from behind the clouds, helping you to feel warm, relaxed and positive. The Sun gives inner strength, creative power, authority  and the ability to express yourself. People are drawn to you today, because you are radiating warmth, love and generosity. You are sharing what you have with others, or thinking of ways to do so. You can see your way ahead and you are feeling cheerful about it. You know you will get there and that things are improving. Your energy is higher than it has been and you are able to enjoy simple pleasures. You should fly through your tasks more easily than you were expecting. Some of you may actually be travelling towards warmer weather today!


Image: The Sun, a Reinhard Schmid tarot card painting.



Friday 6th November 2015


Flexing Your Muscles

You are feeling good today and as though you can tackle anything. If you have been ill, now you are feeling well again, or certainly improved.  If you have been worried, now you feel you are able to cope with whatever issue has been making you anxious. If someone has been bullying you, or manipulating you, now you are able to stand up for yourself, or at least to shrug your shoulders and not care. You are able to be decisive, brave and independent. Perhaps you are doing something requiring actual physical strength, like digging the garden, or moving furniture about. It may be mental strength you need, in order to make bold choices or stand up to pressure from other people. Perhaps you need emotional strength, in order to get through the day after a great loss, or some bad news. Or you may want spiritual strength, the certainty you are not alone in whatever you are facing and that the events of your life have pattern and meaning. Or you may simply be enjoying the material, physical world, by going for a walk, visiting the gym, climbing a hill, taking the dog for a run, or doing your exercises. Today, you will certainly cope.

Image: Strength from the B.E.August Tarot.