Wednesday 4th November 2015


Following the Rules.

This card indicates that you’ll be getting something signed, sealed and delivered today. Maybe you are finalising travel arrangements, buying something significant, making an appointment or coming to an agreement with someone. It may mean you are dealing with the authorities, or taking part in a ceremony of some kind. It is all about due process, following rules and regulations, honouring a tradition, getting together with a group or an institution, maybe attending a class. Doing what is expected of you in some way and not rocking any boats. You may be consulting someone who knows just how things are done. You’ll be observing the boundaries, because you are working towards a particular end and that is the way to see that it comes to pass.

Image: The Hierophant from The Fey Tarot.fey-00722



Tuesday 3rd November 2015



Today you will feel pretty good about what you accomplish, whether that means winning the world heavyweight championship, or knitting a sweater. You had to summon energy, passion and maybe skill too, to get your act together and show the world you have both talent and character. Maybe you are just getting on with a lot of jobs you had been avoiding. Maybe you finished writing your novel. Or maybe you just cleaned the windows. Doesn’t matter what it is, you did it and now you can feel delightfully smug.Other people will notice too and give you a pat on the back or voice their admiration. And incidentally, while you are on a roll, this is a good day to apply for a job, an award, a loan, a scholarship, or whatever takes your fancy.



Sunday 1st November 2015


Breathing Space.

Sometimes you feel you can hardly move, whether because of pressing duties, people around you, or even ill health that brings you to a halt. There are things you would like to do, or that you should be doing and you simply cannot get to them. There is a feeling that your hands are tied. But this card is assuring you that help is on the way. Perhaps someone is coming to assist you. Perhaps you will get through whatever has to be done, so that you can move on to more pleasant matters. Perhaps the people around you will disperse, so that you can breathe more freely. Maybe you will start to feel better, so that you can move on to whatever lures you. Freedom beckons.  Life was crowding you and space now opens up. This can also be a card of romance and friendship, of two people enjoying time together today.


Image: Two of Cups from The Wildwood Tarot.


luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_minor arcana_cups_king of cups

Friday 30th October 2015


Wise Counsel.

The King of Cups is much softer than he seems. He may present a gruff exterior, but you will find he has a very loving heart. He may act as though he doesn’t care, but he is easily wounded. There is a good balance here between the feelings and the intellect. You can think things out, but use your creative or intuitive gifts at the same time. There is understanding of others and what they are experiencing. This card expresses an emotional maturity and compassion, with which you can help others. Strong feelings may emerge today, but you will be able to analyse them and process them. You may meet the King of Cups today – an older man, wise and kind, who will counsel and help you. He may be a professional man, who can steer you in the right direction. Or you may be expressing the qualities of the King of Cups yourself, using a balanced approach to assist and direct someone else.

Image: King of Cups from the Labyrinth Tarot.




Thursday 29th October 2015


Ill Wind


Because we are dealing here with day to day happenings, this card is not as worrisome as it might be. It is generally depicted as three swords entering your heart – not a happy thought. But bear in mind that Swords represents the Element of Air and thus it is all about words and thoughts and the transfer of information from A to B.  Therefore today you may hear some disappointing news – perhaps the cancelation of plans. Or someone may make a sharp retort, or criticise you, or make some kind of wounding remark. You should also be careful that it is not yourself behaving in such a way. Perhaps you will not receive something you were expecting, or you will be disappointed with a purchase. Your transport may let you down, or you may make a journey that is not to your liking. Perhaps there will be high winds, which cause some damage! Stay calm, deal with it – whatever it is – and remember that an ill wind sometimes bring good in its wake.

Image: Three of Swords from The Zombie Tarot.




Tuesday 27th October 2015




You have had quite a struggle lately, one way or another. Maybe you have been ill, or had to battle difficult circumstances, or have been juggling a large number of activities. Now, it seems, you have come through it all safely, if a little battered and you can expect to receive the rewards of your labours, or at least, to face into a more peaceful time. You are making plans and looking out for new opportunities. Something nice will come up today, whether an invitation, a job offer, a gift, or just a friend helping you to feel good about your life. You might be planning a trip and thinking about the details.


Image: Three of Wands from Patrick Valenza‘s Deviant Moon Tarot companion book.




Friday 23d October 2015


Do What You Must


This is a card of sacrifice and that means that you must give up something today in order to accomplish something else. Perhaps you were hoping to stay at home and read your book and instead you have to go to the supermarket. Maybe you were hoping to complete a project at work and instead you are requested to do something quite different. Maybe you were planning to go out, but one of the children has a temperature and you need to stay at home, instead. This card also indicates delays, or the need to wait and see before taking action. This may be frustrating, but it does give the opportunity for new possibilities to arise.  You need to flow along with circumstances today, or you will drive yourself crazy. Look at things from a different angle and see someone else’s point of view.  You could be martyring yourself today for a very good reason and you will get a load of Brownie Points for this.


Image: The Hanged Man by azurylipfe for Deviant A




Thursday 22nd October 2015


Not Quite What You Expected.


This is not the most fun card in the pack. Looked at as a daily significator, it probably means someone will let you down today. (In a full reading, it might have a more profound significance than that.) You are the innocent victim here. Of course, if it simply means a friend cancels your coffee date or fails to return the book they borrowed, this is hardly earth-shattering. But the Swords cards indicate the element of Air and therefore the spoken word, or communications of some other kind. Maybe someone will speak harshly to you, or you will receive disappointing news. Maybe your car will refuse to start, or there will be a bus strike. Your task is to face any disappointments squarely and carry on. Don’t waste time grinding your teeth and cursing. Instead, change direction and look for the hidden blessings. (No transport? So you get to take a bracing healthy walk! Hurrah!) For some, of course, the disappointment will be greater and in this case, there is a serious life lesson to face. Challenges like this make you grow stronger, right? Okay, maybe you will not see it that way at the moment, but you know that eventually you will be able to see the master plan and that it was all for the best. (Eventually.)


Image: Three of Swords from The Sphinx Tarot.




Wednesday 21st October 2015


Balancing Act.


You will take the middle path today. balancing things carefully. You have a clear vision of what you want and you are able to take your time to achieve it. You will learn a great deal and you will listen to your intuition in order to take fhe right steps. You create and enjoy harmony with others, so that you can act together in co-operation. You will keep calm and simply allow things to evolve, without trying to push or coerce. It is a good day for taking time out, or taking a step back, in order to review matters. There is a harmonious balance today of male and female energy, of yin and yang. While you are proactive and enthusiastic, you are also prepared to be patient and to allow the day to evolve naturally. Allow what peace you find today to calm your soul.

Image: Temperance by Artmagic99 for DeviantArt.




Tuesday 20th October 2015


Focus on the Positive.


Worries begin to fade today. Anxieties that have been on your mind for a while are being faced and you realise you have some excellent backup. You may also realise you have been stressing somewhat unnecessarily, or becoming quite negative in your thinking.  Today may not see the final resolution of what has been on your mind, but you will be feeling quite relieved. It is likely you will receive hopeful messages from others, which will lead you to expect a good end result. You may realise you should be focusing on the positive and that this will ensure that good will come to you. Look at matters from all angles and choose the best path, but wait until you know your thinking is optimistic and clear.  Despite the excellent  support you have, your decisions are your own.


Image: Eight of Swords from the Tarot Illuminati.