Tarot For Today



Saturday 15th August 2015


Stay Open and Honest.


This is a good day for some intensive cleaning and for getting into all the nasty little places you may normally try to avoid. Cleaning the oven, clearing out the garage, getting under the floor or into the attic – anything in this line may have to be done today. You will tackle jobs and situations with determination.

However, when you are dealing with other people, be nice!  This is a day when tongues may be sharp, or gossip may be whispered, or thoughts may be dark. Perhaps you are not saying what you are thinking. Words may not be sincere. You might even feel a bit of hidden anger, which you are unlikely to express at this time.

Try to be open and honest if you can. Someone may let you down, or be a little two-faced. Just be aware; it may not be necessary to confront this behaviour, but rather to note it.

This is not a day for opting out – you might just have to make an effort, even if you don’t fancy doing so. Don’t procrastinate – you’ll only have to face the same situation later, when it may be even worse.

You will take an independent path and that may be best.


Image of the Seven of Swords from The Witches’ Tarot.

Tarot for Today



Friday14th August 2015


All’s Well That Ends Well.


You may have rather a lot to deal with today, between jobs you hate or find difficult, assorted problems to solve and cleaning and clearing to do. However, the day will end well. You will have a great feeling of satisfaction and you are likely to have a fabulous evening.  Your faith in humanity and the universe will be restored.

You will deal with whatever responsibilities you have and sort it all out in a very satisfactory manner.  However, to do this, you may have to look at things from a new perspective and be open to different ideas. If you’re not sure what to do, stop and listen to your inner voice.

You will feel very encouraged and have increased trust in yourself.  You will also be in a mood to share what you have with others. You may decide to treat someone, or invite a friend over for a meal, or give someone a gift.



Monday 28th April 2014



The Swords cards indicate a state of mind and the Five of Swords refers to conflict. However, when it’s reversed, it shows that this is a day for mending fences. Is a stubborn attitude really worth the unhappiness it is causing? It is time for you to forgive and forget and move on. The New Moon is an excellent time to do this. You are ready to accept change. Meanwhile, not everyone may be happy with your decisions, but you can’t please everyone. If someone is going to be upset by your actions, they may just have to deal with it.