Your Week Ahead


Monday 24th August – Sunday 30th August 2015

Mercury, the gypsy of the zodiac, leaves the Mutable Earth sign Virgo – where he’s been working hard and being very responsible – and transits into Cardinal Air sign Libra, where, for the next nine weeks, he will alternate between sitting on the couch eating chocolates and standing up for the rights of the underdog.

On Saturday, there is a Full Moon in the Mutable Water sign of Pisces, which will inspire you to write, to paint, to be creative in every way and hopefully, to see some great results from this.   You may also enjoy artistic endeavour in the company of like-minded people, so it’s a good weekend for a music festival, an art exhibition, a cake-baking marathon, or whatever floats your boat. (It’s a great week for water sports, as well!)

You may be extra sensitive this week and full of compassion – it is an excellent time for charity events.

Take care you don’t decide to drown your sorrows in booze – it is tempting during a Full Moon in Pisces!

ARIES THE RAM ( 21 March – 20 April)

Mars is still in Leo, giving you a strong desire to win, or at least to make your presence felt. However, the calming influence of Venus this week may see you softening your attitude somewhat and an unexpected event may have you re-thinking your whole plan of action. It is a good week for talking and listening and if you hold entrenched views, you may decide to modify them now. There could even be a light-bulb moment, when your whole philosophy changes!

TAURUS THE BULL (21 April – 21 May)

You remain in a very hospitable mood, as you invite friends and relations to come in, kick off their shoes and share a meal with you and your family. However, someone may bring up a well-worn complaint and it could escalate into a row if you are not careful. Try to let bygones be bygones and hope that others will do the same. This is a time when you can make great strides in ironing out differences, especially if you show your sympathy to someone who feels aggrieved. There is a gathering at the weekend featuring lots of music and maybe some dancing, too.

GEMINI THE TWINS (22 May – 21 June)

You have been quite anxious and fretful, thinking about all you have to do and you may also have been quite unwell, or certainly tired. However, all of this changes on Thursday. You begin to feel calm and relaxed and even if unexpected events occur you are able to deal with them quickly and quietly. You will be thinking in a more reasonable and fair-minded way and taking steps to ensure that everything is just and equable – including for yourself. You may even be having some fun and it is likely that romance will creep into the picture. There could be a crazy night out at the weekend!

CANCER THE CRAB (22 June – 23 July)

As the Full Moon approaches, you may find you are getting edgy and emotional. There is a lot going on at work – maybe too much – and you are very much under pressure. However, you will be applauded by others, as you show your versatility and ability to organize – despite your exhaustion. The Full Moon indicates a trip this week for many, while others may reach the culmination of a study programme, or a communications project. Try to keep your temper with family or friends, even if things are not organized quite as you would wish.

LEO THE LION (24 July – 23 August)

You are dashing about in all directions now. Many people want your company and you feel happy and optimistic, even if quite exhausted. You are guided by necessity much of the time, or by promises made. If you are too tired to cope, it is okay to say so. However, you want to be agreeable and not to fall out with anyone, so maybe you will just have to do what you have to do, for the sake of peace. A matter concerning your finances is sorted out now, maybe insurance, or money owed to you. You may even receive some gifts.

VIRGO THE MAIDEN (24 August – 23 September)

You are very cheerful and optimistic now, despite the fact that you are not getting much help from anyone. This is a good time to take an exciting trip. Maybe there is a need for it, but it will be great to be able to get away from various nagging concerns. You become less over-sensitive now, less liable to take offence and are better able to see another’s point of view. There may be a party, or a festival at the weekend and your mate is likely to overdo things a bit. Lucky you brought your trusty Virgo First Aid kit!

LIBRA THE SCALES (24 September – 23 October)

You are so busy at the moment, you wonder if you are making any progress at all. Sometimes it feel like two steps forward, then one step back. This is partly because other people seem always to be making weird requests or coming up with ways in which they feel you can fill your time. On the brighter side, everyone wants your company and you’re doing plenty of nice socialising. Sometimes you want to simply run away from it all and hide! From Thursday, everyone wants to hear what you have to say and a work project comes to an end now.

SCORPIO THE SCORPION (24 October – 22 November)

You are in two minds about whether to forge ahead with some dynamic plans, or to stick with what is tried and true. Sometimes you find it hard to leave tradition behind you. However, you do have support and someone who perhaps previously seemed disengaged returns to your side now. Sudden or unexpected events may help you to make up your mind which way to jump. You will have some private meetings to help sort things out. A party at the weekend sees you in great form.

SAGITTARIUS THE ARCHER  (23 November – 21 December)

It is wonderful to receive as much attention as you do this week, especially when you are so tired and you were feeling so unsupported. As usual, there are plenty of upsets and difficulties requiring your attention, but you are in the frame of mind to deal with it all fairly and squarely. You may even be involved in a meeting or a joint discussion, in order to sort things out. You might have a bit of a shindig at home at the weekend, with plenty of music  and maybe a drop of alcohol to go with it.

CAPRICORN THE GOAT (22 December – 20 January)

You often feel a little lonesome these days, but this week sees you taking a trip which should be very jolly and sociable.  You may be spending a bit of money, in your efforts to make deep-seated changes in yourself and in your life, but someone who wants to help is back by your side once more.  This is a good week to display your talents, whether you are making a speech, singing, playing music, or otherwise surprising people by showing what you can do.

AQUARIUS THE WATER BEARER (21 January – 19 February)

Dig deep this week and show people how clever you are. You have the experience, you have the knowledge, you have the desire to make things different. A work project comes to fruition at the weekend, with the Full Moon, and is very well received. You may even see some monetary gain, as a result. Someone who has been rather cross or self-absorbed becomes far more conciliatory now and helps to smooth your path. You are quite tense on Thursday and Friday.

PISCES THE FISHES (20 February – 20 March)

There is a Full Moon in your sign this week, so you may feel very emotional, extra sensitive and very vulnerable. On the other hand, you will be enjoying a burst of creative energy, which will really amaze and thrill people. You will have quite a cheering section urging you on. You will also start to take a sensible look at your financial situation and to have a calm and reasonable talk with someone who will help to sort out your problems. Your erratic behaviour may need to be a thing of the past.

Your Week Ahead



Monday 17th August – Sunday 23rd August 2015

On Sunday, the Sun leaves the Fixed Fire sign of Leo and moves into the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo.  Where Leo is playful, creative, luxury-loving and romantic, Virgo is more work-oriented, although with a love of nature that may see you attending to your garden, or getting out your hiking boots, swimsuit (or skis, depending where you live!) to commune with the great outdoors. Just before the Sun leaves Leo, it will encounter the bright star, Regulus, one of the Royal stars, also known as the Heart of the Lion and this will result in some power struggles, as people push and shove for the best position. 

ARIES THE RAM ( 21 March – 20 April)

It is hard for you to complete anything this week, as you keep getting distracted, with your thoughts wafting off into assorted dreams and schemes, fears and fancies. Your sleep pattern may be disrupted now, or you may be too hyped up to sleep at your usual time, so you will feel very tired.  At the weekend, you will be the centre of attention and as the Sun conjuncts the star Regulus, the Lawgiver, in Leo, there could be a bit of a fight for dominance, but it should end happily for you, with the help of benevolent Jupiter. 

TAURUS THE BULL (21 April – 21 May)

You are very focused on family affairs now and there will be plenty of family parties and gatherings this week. You will be inviting people into your home to enjoy your legendary hospitality – there is always great food in a Taurus house – and you are in a very generous and loving mood. However, at the weekend, you may have to make it very clear who is boss in a certain situation, but you will then be moving into a very pleasant period of fun, relaxation and travel, which you will enjoy greatly.

GEMINI THE TWINS (22 May – 21 June)

You are restless and industrious now, thinking about all the things you need to do and getting to work on them.  However, try to stay focused and to complete one job before starting on the next.  You should be able to make some headway in your career and you will be clearer about exactly where you are going. You are running about, bringing friends or colleagues together for an interesting gathering this week. Make sure you speak up about what you want at the weekend.

CANCER THE CRAB (22 June – 23 July)

The Moon, your ruler, is currently waxing, so that this is a good week for making preparations for future events, and to nurture projects through their latter stages. You will feel a sense of increasing optimism, as matters progress.  Circumstances may force you to stand up and say your piece, as your position is challenged, probably in the workplace, and you need to make it clear just who is in charge around here. Do some pleasant travelling at the weekend.

LEO THE LION (24 July – 23 August)

Enjoy being the focus of attention now and having friends and family around you. As your ruler, the Sun, conjuncts the Royal Star Regulus – known as the Heart of the Lion, in the constellation of Leo – you will need to defend yourself against criticism, but also against your own feelings of insecurity and anxiety. After that, you can turn your thoughts to freedom and travel.  In a burst of generosity or extravagance, you may spend quite a lot of money this week!

VIRGO THE MAIDEN (24 August – 23 September)

There are so many thoughts running through your head, so many possibilities and worries!  Other people can help you to calm down, if you give them half a chance. However, you may receive quite a variety of opinions and advice, so that, in the end, you do need to decide for yourself what you will do. At times, you are likely to make rash decisions which may turn out to be unwise, so do take the time to sit down quietly and think things out before you make a move. You will be taking a nice trip at the weekend.

LIBRA THE SCALES (24 September – 23 October)

While your ruler Venus is retrograde, your energy is low and you may easily become unwell, so look after your health and don’t allow yourself to become overtired. It is awkward that, during this time, you are required to shine socially, maybe even to organize some social events. Do not be swayed by others who may want to impose their ideas upon you, perhaps in quite an underhand manner, especially at the weekend. By Sunday, you will feel a wonderful sense of freedom, even if there is still plenty to be done.

SCORPIO THE SCORPION (24 October – 22 November)

You want very much to control your immediate environment, but there is always something unexpected coming up to interfere with this. It may be best to simply roll with the punches, instead of constantly bemoaning the fact.  At the end of the week, you feel very challenged as you try to assert your authority and you may even feel unable to cope. However, by the weekend, you in a far happier frame of mind and may even be kicking up your heels with friends, at a social event.

SAGITTARIUS THE ARCHER  (23 November – 21 December)

As your planet, lucky Jupiter, smiles down upon you from your Solar Midheaven, you are in line for all kinds of good fortune and pleasant events. However, your exhaustion and your many tasks, especially in the domestic sphere, may prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Deep down, you are not as sure of yourself as you would appear to be. Be prepared for a sneaky swipe at your position, quickly followed by a happy reprieve. 

CAPRICORN THE GOAT (22 December – 20 January)

It does not really help to hold your feelings in and this week you will have the opportunity to talk things over with someone who is both discreet and wise. In fact, there are quite a few people around you – friends as well as experts – who can be of great assistance to you. However, one of these people may seek to control you completely.  Make sure you don’t give in out of sheer apathy! The weekend is a great time to take off on a trip, especially if you go in search of culture, or the beauty of the natural world.

AQUARIUS THE WATER BEARER (21 January – 19 February)

You are full of enthusiasm and ideas these days, even although memories of the past seek to undermine your efforts at times. Your mind is particularly active now, although also prone to anxiety and worry. Physical activity, sports  and putting your energy into whatever jobs are to hand, will help you to calm down.  People around you may seem particularly feisty or controlling at the weekend, but don’t dismiss everyone out of hand. Someone really does have some helpful advice or information, if you care to listen. 

PISCES THE FISHES (20 February – 20 March)

You are full of uncertainty these days and this may not be the week when you get things sorted. However, it may help to listen to someone who is a good talker and has some very practical, down-to-earth ideas.  A colleague is not particularly  supportive now, but may actually be unwell, or certainly very tired, so try to be understanding. Pisces is so sympathetic that you often attract bullies and this week someone is quite likely to try to impose their ideas upon you. You will need to stand your ground.220px-Virgo2




Monday 10th August – Sunday 16th August 2015

This week, there is a fairly momentous event in the heavens, in that gi-normous Jupiter, king of the gods and the largest object in our solar system next to the Sun, is leaving Leo on Tuesday and moving into Virgo. Jupiter stays about twelve months in each sign, so it is roughly twelve years since he was last in Virgo and frankly, he’s not too happy about it. He likes to expand everything, from your mind to your wanderlust and Virgo just loves to get into the detail of things, in a way that drives Jupiter nuts!

Consider what you were doing in 2003-2004, the last time Jupiter was in Virgo and you will have some idea of what is ahead of you.

Meanwhile, there is a playful little New Moon in Leo on Friday the 11th, at 11 minutes past 11 GMT, a synchronicity which will delight numerologists. 11 is considered a Master Number, carrying the idea of balance in our lives. Just how balanced are you? You may find out at the weekend!

ARIES THE RAM ( 21 March – 20 April)

You have almost broken free of the pressing needs, worries and responsibilities that have been confining you for ages and by the weekend you will be feeling relatively free to strut your stuff, have some fun and even enjoy a little romance. In fact, friends and admirers are positively flocking around you. Jupiter brings you loads of work – which may or may not be what you want – and also brings optimism and hope in terms of health issues.  You may put on some weight over the next twelve months!

TAURUS THE BULL (21 April – 21 May)

You are quite slow and tired this week, but people are ready and wiling to help you out. You may be going on a journey, which will make you feel considerably better. Jupiter will give a great boost to your social life over the next twelve months and you will be catching up with a lot of people you haven’t seen for ages. There may also be an addition to your family during this time. The New Moon brings a sense of balance to your home life – perhaps people getting along together, who have not done so in a while.

GEMINI THE TWINS (22 May – 21 June)

Jupiter in Virgo over the next twelve months finds many of you enlarging or improving your living quarters and perhaps increasing your household as well. Others may move in with you, whether this means a granny, a new baby, a partner – or even a cat. Some of you are moving house, to a place that is bigger and better than your current domicile. Many will have very itchy feet and will be travelling a lot during this time. Your new home may even be in another country!  The New Moon prompts you in this move and you may even be returning to somewhere you used to live.

CANCER THE CRAB (22 June – 23 July)

This transit of Jupiter will see you travelling a lot over the next twelve months, both long and short journeys, some of it in connection with work. You may also feel inspired to do some studying, or perhaps to embark on a large project in the communications area. You may start that novel, make that documentary, or do some major research. You’ll be improving and expanding your surroundings, as well. The New Moon this week indicates a change in your work circumstances now and this may involve a trip down Memory Lane.

LEO THE LION (24 July – 23 August)

The New Moon in your sign invites you to do something different this week and there will be quite a change in your attitude. Maybe you have been having a quiet time and now you will be partying, or at least socialising. You will certainly be seeing some old friends. As Jupiter leaves your sign, you end twelve months of expansion in your life, during which you acquired more space, more freedom and a more optimistic outlook. Now you turn your mind to your career.  Some are promoted, some will get a raise and some will retire and enjoy more time relaxing. – it all looks good!

VIRGO THE MAIDEN (24 August – 23 September)

Jupiter brings luck, travel and a general improvement in your prospects – and now he is parked in your sign for a full year. For the past twelve months, you have felt like you weren’t quite getting to where you wanted to be, no matter how hard you tried and now all of that is changing. You are not only heading out into the wide blue yonder, maybe even living somewhere different for a while, but you are also doing some home improvements. A member of your household may take off soon – exploring the world? – and give you more breathing space.

LIBRA THE SCALES (24 September – 23 October)

With Jupiter slipping into your House of Secrets for the next twelve months, he is not so much bringing you bounty, as keeping you safe and secure. You will be quietly optimistic about your life and probably working away on some great ideas that may not see the light for a while. This may include an interesting project in some area of communications. Meanwhile, the New Moon brings a party or a gathering of some kind and people will come from quite a long distance to be there.

SCORPIO THE SCORPION (24 October – 22 November)

You are due for a really great year of seeing friends, travelling and socialising, but also playing an important role in a particular organization. You may find yourself on a board, or committee, or even elected President! Your circle of friends and acquaintances will certainly be expanding and various people will be coming back into your life now. The weekend brings an interesting event – maybe a party – and old friends will be gathering round.  You could be doing some travelling this week.

SAGITTARIUS THE ARCHER  (23 November – 21 December)

With Jupiter moving into your Tenth Solar House this week, this will be a wonderful twelve months for your career. You will do extremely well, there will be plenty of work if you want it and your business could be expanding. As well, you are likely to be taking some exciting trips (even if some are work related) which is something you really enjoy. Home is kind of exhausting lately, so you really need to get away. You may also be adding someone to your family over this period!

CAPRICORN THE GOAT (22 December – 20 January)

Jupiter will be bringing you some very interesting travel over the next twelve months and many experiences which will expand your mind and indeed, your life. You may elect to enroll for a course, or perhaps to explore your own spirituality. You may decide that this is the year to write a book, or offer your paintings to the public – you have greater courage and stronger belief in yourself now. One way or another, you’ll be searching for the Meaning of Life – or certainly, the meaning of your own life! The New Moon will bring you support, maybe even in financial terms.

AQUARIUS THE WATER BEARER (21 January – 19 February)

While Jupiter has been in your opposite sign of Leo, you’ve been watching others make a bid for freedom, or reach giddy heights in their careers. Sometimes this has even helped your own personal prospects! But now, Jupiter seeks to expand your finances – good old Jupiter! – and will certainly bring you plenty of support in your endeavours. Your life should see quite a transformation before next August.

PISCES THE FISHES (20 February – 20 March)

As Jupiter is your sub-ruler, anything he does will influence you strongly. This week, he is slipping into your Solar Seventh House. For many, this brings great happiness in your relationships. People will show how much they love and appreciate you and your requests will be met with interest and generosity. You and your mate may be going travelling together, although for some, the need for more space will actually mean you will see less of each other – but that will be okay!  Good fortune will come through your association with others – their happiness and good luck overflows to envelop you, as well.











Jupiter, Greater Benefic and general good guy, leaves Leo this week after a sojourn of twelve months and transits into Virgo.

Jupiter, Greater Benefic and general good guy, leaves Leo this week after a sojourn of twelve months and transits into Virgo.


Monday April 28th – Sunday May 4th 2014.

On Saturday, Venus stops lazing about in Watery, emotional PIsces and blazes into Fiery, passionate Aries, putting zest into your love life, energy into your leisure time and courage into your financial affairs. The New Moon in Taurus this week could see you embarking on new domestic or outdoor plans; starting a new business venture, or exploring your creativity.

ARIES ( 21 March – 20 April)

With Mars, still back-pedaling in Libra, your frustration continues. Are you going to stop dithering and show the world what you can do? Don’t be so contrary! Get on with it! Your agile brain is working overtime and it’s a perfect week for you to launch a new scheme (particularly in your career), to make a new investment, and to tell the world all about what you’ve been working on for so long. You’re particularly charming now and everyone loves you!

TAURUS (21 April – 21 May)

You’re a little stuck this week, but that could mean you’re relaxing, holidaying, or otherwise stepping away from the rat race into a quieter zone. Worst case scenario, you’re not feeling very well. However, you still have to make a good showing and put plans into action. Try not to feel sorry for yourself – it won’t help. Be open to new ideas and don’t let your stubborn streak dictate events.

GEMINI (22 May – 21 June)

You’ll be attending to personal matters this week and past experience helps, although things won’t go entirely to plan. Display the talents you have been nurturing for ages, including your ability to offer healing to others. Your private affairs take a new direction now and you begin several weeks of parties, meetings and assorted socialising. Nice!

CANCER (22 June – 23 July)

You’ll be meeting some new people this week, maybe connected with a particular organization, and there’s a lot of talk about the past. You may find yourself playing a leading role. However, plans are bogged down at the moment, so don’t expect much action for a while. People find you even more delightful than usual, as Venus hovers on the Midheaven of your solar chart. The weekend looks extra busy!

LEO (24 July – 23 August)

With your Ruler, the Sun, now illuminating the career area of your chart, you’re concerned about your future plans. The New Moon gives you a new path, if you choose to follow it. You may need to decide between this option and a more conventional avenue. Mercury stimulates some bright ideas and aids your eloquence, while your past experience boosts your confidence. Trust your intuition.

VIRGO (24 August – 23 September)

You’re likely to be travelling this week and this is something you had planned. (You’re a great planner.) It could be quite a long journey and it looks like a pleasant one. You may have to give up an enjoyable pastime, however, in order to change your location. There may be some unexpected expenses this week, but don’t worry – you’re heading into a more lucrative period, during which people look very kindly upon your efforts. You’re extra practical now.

LIBRA (24 September – 23 October)

While Venus was dossing in Pisces, there may not have been much work available (apart from slaving away thanklessly on behalf of other people, that is,) but now that your planetary ruler is entering Aries, you’ll find people will be seriously impressed by your amazing charm and wanting to assist you in all kinds of ways. The new moon in Taurus should improve your finances, with a new scheme, a job or an investment possibility.

SCORPIO (24 October – 22 November)

The new moon may bring a new romance for lonely Scorpios, or a new phase in a current relationship. You’re taking charge of other people this week and issuing practical instructions. Many are renovating, or doing home improvements, or redesigning the garden now. You begin a very enjoyable period in your working life. In fact, many are taking some time off!  Your health improves, as long as you are not tempted to over-indulge!

SAGITTARIUS (23 November – 21 December)

You may be throwing a party, or otherwise organizing a gathering this week.  You’ll be sharing your thoughts  and making matters very clear to others. It looks like a new phase in your working life is beginning now, with the new moon, and it seems to gain you some extra attention. Venus ensures you’ll be enjoying your leisure time greatly over the next few weeks and you may be trying something quite different.

CAPRICORN (22 December – 20 January)

Try to be flexible when new ideas come up. You are exceptionally stubborn these days. You know you need to release the past if you are to move forward. Looks like quite a fun week, though, with a party or other interesting events at which you’ll meet some new people – maybe even a new love, if you’re fancy-free! Don’t turn down an invitation just because it sounds a bit out of your comfort zone.

 AQUARIUS (21 January – 19 February)

You could get a bit carried away this week,  but that’s not unusual. There are some changes on the domestic scene, with the possibility of a new job for you, or for someone close to you. You may also be moving furniture, or trying out new ideas with your house or property. Your surroundings will certainly become more attractive, and rather different. A collaborative effort in communications is on the cards.

PISCES (20 February – 20 March)

A change of scene is rather appealing now. If it’s a holiday, then a bit of sun and fun would be perfect. Others are returning from holidays and it’s more like taking up the reins and issuing instructions once more. As Venus leaves Pisces and slips into Aries, you’ll find your financial affairs begin to look brighter – which will be a change from the uncertainties you’ve been experiencing. The surprises are likely to be positive rather than negative now.




Monday March 24th – Sunday March 30th, 2014.

A fairly quiet time among the planets this week, with no new transits, although there’s  a perky little New Moon in fiery Aries at the end of the week (Sunday evening in Ireland, next Monday morning in New Zealand) which will help launch you on exciting new enterprises.


Express your hopes and dreams this week. People are very much aware of you and you’ll be able to begin something new and exciting. Expect delays, however, as other people may have issues which will hold you back. A long-nurtured plan will come into being soon. You’ll take an interesting trip. Good week for romance!


Not everything can be worked out logically and carefully, Taurus, plus others are not particularly helpful to your plans this week. Romance looks full-on, but opportunities for togetherness may not be there. Talk things over with a good friend. You’re very tired, as are those around you. You should have the chance for a good rest.


Your imagination and creativity are obvious to all at present. You’re quite absent-minded, however, so double check everything!  You’ll have flashes of inspiration or intuition, so take careful note. There are obstacles to romance right now, but you should have the chance for a heart to heart talk. You’ll make some new friends soon!


Opportunities for talking and communicating in every way abound this week. You’ll take a trip, too! Home improvements and other major domestic chores are meeting problems. You may be better to set it all aside till late May. This is more of a time for planning. Your partner is going through some changes now, so be understanding.


You’re in the mood to try new and different things. You’ll take up a new study with the New Moon and meet some congenial people. Talk about old times with friends. You’re particularly intuitive now. You’re taking a pleasure trip this week. An old ailment may flare up, but unusual or alternative healing methods should sort it out.


You’re unusually low in energy and quite woolly headed, Virgo. That’s not like you at all! A journey may clear the air. You’re working very hard, but you do have help. In your relationship, your partner shows their value as a good friend. All your energies are used for the benefit of other people this week, but it is necessary.


Other people are really tiring you out this week, but there is much that has to be done, like it or not. This is always the time of year when your needs come last. Tell the world your good ideas – they’ll be well received. Romance goes well, although work and duties get in the way. You’re recycling and clearing things and charities will benefit.


Be prepared to change your plans this week, as things won’t run very smoothly. Keep an eye on work being done behind the scenes. Someone pours out their thoughts and feelings to you, but you’re a good listener and can keep a secret. You’ll be starting a new project with the New Moon and many begin a new health regime, too.


Events and people may take you by surprise this week.  You’re very talkative, but you need to think before you speak. You’re a little depressed by the fact that it’s so hard to get anything done at the moment! Assistance is available if you want it, so why not ask? Lonely Sagittarians are likely to meet someone new very soon!


You’re pushing for action and getting nowhere – unless you’re doing research, or delving into the past. You’re communicating all your discoveries. Unexpected events help you to change and evolve. You’re making some changes at home. People around you are widening their horizons and may be setting off on a journey.


You have lots more to do, as the work piles up. You’re very charming and amenable – maybe too much so, as it’s hard to get your projects under way. People are not terribly helpful. Your thinking and your imagination are in top gear and it’s time to start a new communications project. You’re dazzling and lovable, but romance is a little hard to access.


You’re so busy this week, meeting and greeting, running round with family and friends. You’re really in the limelight now. Show your charitable side and help those less fortunate. Money is a little slow at coming through and there are various delays. Romance is not readily available right now, with the one you love out of reach.


Your Week Ahead


Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd February 2014

On Tuesday, the Sun leaves the Fixed Air sign of clever, altruistic Aquarius and slides into the Mutable Water sign of emotional, super-sensitive Pisces. Meanwhile, naughty Mercury is still retrograde, slowing up all kinds of communications.

ARIES: It is hard to get on with the things you want to achieve when channels don’t seem to be open. Did you miss a chance? You become a little introverted, pondering matters emotional and spiritual. People may wonder where you are for a few weeks.  Make sure the trip you’re taking is well planned and your intentions are clear.

TAURUS: There are many more opportunities to talk to certain people, although you may be inclined to go over old ground. Fine if you’re reminiscing; not fine if you’re dragging up past resentments. Your social life takes a turn for the better from Tuesday. Many assume responsibilities in a group or club. Your ideas are inspired!

GEMINI: This week, you reconnect with someone who can help you – maybe you thought the moment had passed. You have a meeting or two and talk about events in the past. The impression you make is favourable. Hopes increase for making money, but it could be the second week in March before anything concrete appears.

CANCER: On Monday, you’re running around sorting out financial and property matters; mid week you concentrate on domestic affairs. Looks like repairs to be done. (Keep calm!) Thursday and Friday are enjoyable, although bureaucracy and younger people prove an annoying mix. The weekend brings chores, plus you’re entertaining friends. Consider travel plans.

LEO: You become less constrained by the needs and wishes of other people. Enjoy a  fun trip with cultural overtones. Do no rely too much on the promises of someone influential. Messages and communications are still quite difficult to comprehend; this is not the best time to finalise any travel arrangements, as mistakes are possible.

VIRGO: You can enjoy some really good chats, including a lot of reminiscing about the past. Don’t let things get heated, however! Many are taking a trip in good company – do make sure it is well planned. You will be rather in the hands of other people during the next month and they don’t always know what they are doing!

LIBRA: You have not been in the most cheerful frame of mind lately. Do your best to be positive! You’ll find it easier to be optimistic from 6th March. Have some important talks with people this week and look at past events. You begin to focus more clearly on work from Tuesday, as inspiration strikes and you get really creative.

SCORPIO: You will get the chance to experience some personal healing this week, as emotional matters come to the fore. You’ll have some deep and meaningful talks, with lovers, friends and children. Over the next month, you begin to focus on  your own skills and talents – and on enjoying yourself! Thursday and Friday could be tricky.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t cling on too tightly – it may have the opposite effect from that which you intend. There may be a few surprises this week, from someone you love. Enjoy a party! You begin to concentrate on your home and your family, although you may find you’re missing someone quite a lot. Good time for some home decorating!

CAPRICORN: You are making some very determined efforts to contact someone, through all kinds of difficulties. This is an excellent time for healing the past. Have a great chat with someone about old times. You begin to focus on communications skills and creative aspirations. You’re dreaming about an exciting trip.

AQUARIUS: You are excited about wider horizons opening up for you, but you must be patient. There will be delays and difficulties, at least until March, when things begin to move ahead more smoothly. You begin to focus on your work this week and to use your creativity and your imagination. You’re really charismatic now!

PISCES: You are in excellent spirits this week and you easily attract attention. People think you are amazing! (Which, of course, you are.) This is a good time to begin healing the rifts in a group or an organization. Watch your spending mid-week! You try to pass on your wisdom, but it may not be as well received as you’d like.

The Week Ahead




Monday 10th February – Sunday 16th February 2014.

Mercury is still retrograde and communications of all kinds continue to be difficult, but research goes well and so does honing some old skills. On Friday, Mercury slips right back from Pisces into Aquarius. It’s Valentine’s Day, so maybe you’ll hear from a long-lost lover!  There’s also a Full Moon on Valentine’s night – very romantic, but also bringing things to a head – is your relationship on or off?

ARIES: Lots of interesting talks and meetings, much of it delving into the past. You may revive a previous project. You’re in a conciliatory mood and ready to act in partnership with others. Valentine’s Day looks like fun, whether you’re in a twosome, or partying with friends. You may have to arrange it yourself, however.

TAURUS: Not your most sociable week ever and you may feel a bit put-upon. However, your career goes well and matters you thought were completed start up again. You may spend Valentine’s Day at home, but don’t knock yourself out preparing a romantic meal – this is supposed to be fun! Your other half needs cheering up.

GEMINI: Just when it looks like your career is taking off, you set off travelling, or you  get down to some study or investigations. There’s exciting ontact with someone famous, or expert in their field. You’re in the limelight yourself, as well. An outing or trip this weekend, probably on Valentine’s Day, is fun. You may decide to do something cultural.

CANCER: You start the week in quite an emotional state, as you consider an exciting prospect; Thursday and Friday are devoted to work and you may not celebrate Valentine’s Day till the weekend. Maybe you’ll get away somewhere for a romantic and enjoyable trip?  You ned to re-examine your finances, perhaps with a mentor.

LEO: You still need to give your attention to the wants and needs of others and you’ll be revisiting certain discussions and plans you thought were resolved. A situation with a partner, or someone close to you, is sorted with the Full Moon. Face up to a challenging situation. There’s a message from someone you love on Valentine’s Day.

VIRGO: Pay attention to the technology and electronics in your life – something you thought was completed needs to be addressed again. A health issue may return to plague you, especially if it’s concerned with mobility, or breathing. A private matter reaches a conclusion with the Full Moon. There’s a quiet celebration of Valentine’s Day.

LIBRA: You seem to be spending much time home alone this week, probably thanks to work. Have another look at creative projects you may have thought were complete. Even if there’s a partner involved, you need to address tasks independently. Looks like a party, or quite a gathering, on Valentine’s Day!

SCORPIO: Greener pastures beckon, but you are holding yourself back. Why not work towards a more resplendent future? Do some healing on the past, and on chronic ailments.  You play a prominent role in Valentine’s Day celebrations, maybe in your own home. A plan begun six months ago comes to fruition now.

SAGITTARIUS. You are trying hard to save, but money just seems to disappear.  Opportunities to party and enjoy yourself do not help! Luckily, you have funds put away. Just when you were getting stuck into domestic issues, you decide to take a trip instead. You are very restless. You’re unlikely to spend Valentine’s Day at home.

CAPRICORN: If you’re trying to cling to what you know, the Full Moon may prise you loose. You need to take a more prominent role and to express yourself in very original ways. You are going to burst out of your confinement one of these days – the only question is when. You receive something nice on Valentine’s Day!

AQUARIUS: You are trying hard to accomplish your goals, but the way ahead is not yet clear. Don’t worry, it will be. Looks like you have to attend to personal issues for a while, however. Try hard to be objective. Your partner really pushes out the boat on Valentine’s Day, so be prepared to reciprocate! You’re getting lots of attention.

PISCES: You feel a little disconnected this week. Take up an opportunity to heal a situation with someone you love.  You can’t help thinking about the past. Hide yourself away somewhere for a while – maybe on holiday. Valentine’s Day sees you busy working, or spending time getting your health in order, but you receive more than one message of love!





Monday 20th – Sunday 26th January 2014

This week, the Sun leaves responsible Capricorn and moves into free-spirited Aquarius for the next month. Do something completely different from the usual!  Take a chance! (But don’t be stubborn about it. You could end up acting against your own best interests if you don’t check out all possibilities.)

ARIES: Don’t just talk about it – take action! Probably with a partner, or a team. Take responsibility and show your natural leadership abilities. Mid-week, you’re pretty keyed-up! Take advantage of technology and be very organized. If you feel low, or lacking in confidence, fake it! Begin to concentrate on team efforts.

TAURUS: You revisit a favourite place this week. Spend some time with funny, lively people who will lighten your mood. Having children or young people around you will be fun! You can’t help reminiscing about your teenage years (unless you’re living them now!) and maybe doing a few crazy things you used to do. People notice you!

GEMINI: You embark on a month of teaching and learning, along with enjoyable travel. You’re tense, hyped-up and filled with brilliant ideas, which you put into practice with other people. Stretch yourself! Do things you think you can’t! Get together with old friends this week. Mind your health – an old ailment may return.

CANCER: You receive lots of lovely invitations over the next month – and some you’d rather avoid. Don’t rely on people too much. You’re out and about Monday and Tuesday; doing domestic chores and spending time with family mid-week; having fun Friday and Saturday; working and taking care of your health on Sunday.

LEO: You must respond to what other people want during the next four weeks. Someone is unwell, or really needs your help. Actually, you’re not feeling that great yourself, so do rest and relax and don’t push yourself too hard. You will get some gardening and outside chores done and organize your home and your family.

VIRGO: You have a busy month coming up, during which you use your creativity to the max. Get some teamwork going! You feel a bit rushed and hassled. Do you have deadlines to meet? Your home and family need your attention too and you may have to juggle things to get everything done. You’re overwrought on Monday!

LIBRA: Return to earlier writings or creative projects and look at them again. You may be pleasantly surprised! Soon your light will emerge from under that bushel. This will be a very creative and enjoyable four weeks for you. Use your imagination and listen to your intuition. You are tense mid-week, but try not to snap at people!

SCORPIO: You have a lot to do and you may find that home and work are both claiming your attention this week. You’ll deal with family and domestic issues intensively during the next month. Take care of your health – on-going issues will be dealt with in a gentle and caring manner. You’re extra busy Friday and Saturday.

SAGITTARIUS: Some family problems come out into the open this week and can receive your attention. Work you’ve been doing is completed and can be presented to the world now.  You have some very clever ideas.  The next four weeks will be great for travelling and exploring your environment. Share what you have learned.

CAPRICORN: This is a very active week and you are likely to have company in all that you do. Watch your mouth as you may very well say something you will regret! However, you’re witty and funny, too. You will be working hard during the next four weeks, but you’ll have help. Show your entrepreneurial side. Contact lots of people.

AQUARIUS: As the Sun sweeps into Aquarius, you receive much attention, which continues during the next month. However, you feel a little stalled right now in what you want to achieve, despite a busy period mid-week. Put long-term plans into action at the weekend. Your thoughts take shape now in a way that you enjoy.

PISCES: People really notice you now, despite the fact that you’re hiding yourself away. (Are you on holiday?) There’s a quiet month ahead, during which you’ll be far from your usual haunts. Take the chance to relax, or to restore your health, or to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Respond to other people on Monday and Tuesday.


Monday 30th December 2013 – Sunday 5th January 2014

No major planetary movements this week, but a nice little New Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd, which may be felt for a day or two either side. With Pluto currently lurking in Capricorn, events you’ve been incubating may now occur, or at least be recognized. But Venus retrograde could make many of you feel a little lonely. Wisdom gained painfully can find its expression now.


You show your natural leadership abilities, particularly in the way you communicate. Give others good advice, even if they seem a little willful or ungrateful. You need a little healing, emotional or physical. You’ll provide help and good cheer to those who are depressed, unwell, or unable to get out and about.


With Venus, your ruler, still back-tracking and not making too many connections this week, you may feel isolated and lonesome. On the other hand, you may be off having a great holiday somewhere, even if far from friends and family!  Many are travelling this week. Just after New Year, you’ll see, or hear from, those you love.


You receive lots of nice invitations this week and you feel really noticed and loved. You’re tired, but you have opportunities to rest and recuperate. You’re attending to necessities and giving thought to those who have something special to celebrate, or to mark. You may head off somewhere at the end of the week.


You’re really busy Monday and Tuesday and also attending to health matters. (Starting that new diet already?) Mid-week you’re colossally busy, but it’s mostly about other people, one of whom is making a big change. You feel a little lonely. Make the most of invitations late in the week and head off somewhere at the weekend.


You’re working hard and sorting out chaos, including doing some major recycling. However, you keep getting side-tracked! You’re in touch with lots of people, some of them far away from you. You offer invitations to others. You may take a spontaneous trip! Look after yourself – you’re tired and low in energy.


You’re working very hard now, but much of it is about offering hospitality to others. You receive a lot of attention! You’re in organizing mode, clearing and recycling and getting rid of that which is no longer useful. Enjoy an unexpected invitation! Don’t let perceived responsibilities keep you from having fun, as well.


You’re thinking about old friends and wishing they were around you. You’re entertaining at home and all ages are included. Do some practical clearing and recycling now and make changes to your home and surroundings. Kindnesses you have given return to you in delightful ways. Don’t allow yourself to become exhausted.


You are busy organizing things, as you make big changes to your environment. Let people hear what you have to say. Do some work behind the scenes which will benefit everyone. You feel a little cross that someone is missing from the picture. You feel a bit lonely and put-upon. Try to relax and calm yourself.


You’re getting in touch with lots of friends now, especially those far away from you. You’re giving and receiving loads of invitations now. You feel a trifle overwrought early in the week and you express yourself with great clarity! You’re probably entertaining on New Year’s Eve and welcoming someone who has been away.


You’re a little lost this week, as you wonder what to do with yourself. However, nobody would guess, as you appear to be the life and soul of every party – and there are quite a few, including at home. Mid-week, you’re quite emotional, but the New Moon in your sign is a good time to make decisions and plan a new path.


You’re still brimming with ideas, which you put into practice this week, behind the scenes. Plan carefully, be precise in what you say and do, but be confident. A new scheme is hatched privately. At the week’s end your nerves are stretched as you feel the weight of your responsibilities – please take some rest.


220px-Capricorn2You’re a little bit out of touch with some people this week, at least until the weekend. Despite this, you’re very sociable all week. You may be travelling a long way, on or around New Year’s Eve. The week’s end sees you resting, or keeping away from others, but the weekend is pure fun! Take care if you’re doing anything energetic!

Your Week Ahead


Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd December 2013.

Striking changes in the heavens this week, with the Full Moon in Gemini bringing many pre-Christmas connections; unpredictable Uranus going Direct, invoking happy surprises rather than unfortunate changes; the Solstice on the 21st at 17.11, as the Sun enters Capricorn, bidding us to go within and contemplate (just as Christmas festivities are hotting up!) and usually-loving Venus turning Retrograde, bringing a cranky mood which can render us rather lonely, some of our loved ones unavailable and our pockets empty! However, it’s great for catching up with old friends we thought we’d lost.

ARIES: It is time to go with the flow of events, rather than being contrary to the point of foolishness!  Let yourself have some fun! An excellent week to take a trip, and to meet up with folks from far away. Reach out to those you love.This is often your best time of the year, when people really give you attention.

TAURUS: With Venus stalled now, your social life may seem to grind to a halt. People appear to be quite self-absorbed, but everyone has their own agenda at Christmas. A splendid invitation will come up! You are more open to wild suggestions than usual and very likely to act upon them!

GEMINI: People skilled in communications seem to want you on their side and nobody better! Your social life becomes quite exciting! The pressure to do what others want diminishes and some nice invitations come your way. With Venus sulking,  better halt your spending, as funds are less available now.

CANCER: You complete private projects now and show people your skills in leadership and communications. Pre-Christmas festivities abound and you are game for anything! However, you need to attend to the wishes of others and juggle events very skillfully. Someone close to you is unwell, low in spirits, or simply broke!

LEO: You are in a mood to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, so take up all enticing invitations! An important gathering takes place now. You are working hard, recycling, throwing out unwanted items and paring your life down to what you want. Seems you have to do it alone – others are unavailable, uninterested, or unwilling.

VIRGO: Attend or organize an important family gathering now. Invitations begin to flow in and you’re happy to grasp them! From the Solstice, you will relax and enjoy yourself with friends of all ages, although someone may be missing now.  A certain person may be out of sorts, or not available to hang out with you.

LIBRA: Make contact with people far away and enjoy a lively conversation. A trip is likely. People suddenly become less awkward and contrary and filled with exciting ideas and plans!  Meanwhile, you’re focussed on family affairs. However, with your ruler Venus retrograde, you may feel unwell or exhausted. Rest if you possibly can!

SCORPIO: You are sorting out your financial affairs now and making some bold decisions, although someone seems very un-cooperative. Enjoy some vigorous sports and activities. Your thoughts turn to travel and to improving, or changing. your environment. A sibling, or close friend, is going through a hard time.

SAGITTARIUS: A relationship reaches an important phase. Do some talking and state what you want. Your social life ramps up and there is such a lot to do! You focus on your work and your finances as you leave behind you what is no longer necessary. You may go through a lean couple of months, financially speaking.

CAPRICORN: Your work winds down (for the Christmas holidays?) but you have plenty of private plans. There is a lot of fun to be had at home and with family. Stubborn attitudes fade. You come into your own as people show they care. Important changes are in the wind.  Catch up with former friends and lovers.

AQUARIUS: There are highly enjoyable events this week. Technology glitches are fixed, group events go brilliantly and communications projects get into top gear. You begin a nicely quiet month, as you decide your future direction. However, one friend  may be ill or very hard to reach. They seem to need extra attention.

PISCES: A family event focuses on a younger person. Financial and job uncertainties seem to be ironed out now, although there could be an interesting twist. You begin a very sociable month, with plenty of greeting and farewelling. Someone seems to be staying out of it all, but needs plenty of TLC.

The Full Moon in Gemini this week brings closure to events which had their beginning six months ago, particularly those associated with communications, siblings, your immediate environment and of course, Geminis.

The Full Moon in Gemini this week brings closure to events which had their beginning six months ago, particularly those associated with communications, siblings, your immediate environment and of course, Geminis.