Your Weekly Stars: Monday 18th – Sunday 24th November 2013

The radiant Sun leaves the deep, dark, Water sign of Scorpio this week and enters the more cheerful, upbeat, Fire sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd, bringing in a fun phase of travelling and pre-Christmas partying.

ARIES: A good week for travelling and you’ll want to get all the details absolutely correct. Pay attention to dreams and intuition – there are messages for you. The next month sees you connected with people and places far away. Positive thinking aids good health.

TAURUS: You are exceedingly practical this week, but perhaps a little depressed. Logical thinking is all very well, but take time out for hugs and emotional connections, too. You can stop giving all your energy to others now and accept invitations and help offered to you.

GEMINI: To let go or to hold on – that is the question! As long as you keep the communications flowing nicely, all should be well. Talking things out helps you keep your balance. From Friday, you’ll spend the next month (till Christmas) doing what others want. Monday and Tuesday you are quite tense.

CANCER: You begin a month during which you’re centred on work. You need to look at health issues during this time, as well.  Monday and Tuesday are quiet and Wednesday to Friday you deal with personal matters which could be quite emotional. The weekend’s good for work and pre-Christmas shopping!

LEO: You can stop focusing on home and family stuff now and concentrate on fun and romance! You certainly need a bit of escapist magic. However, you could be low in energy, so relaxing is important, too. You feel quite put out at the weekend.

VIRGO: Slip back into healthy routines and eating habits now – you’ll be glad you did. You’ll have some really good talks with people you love. There is news, probably connected with your finances, or your property. You receive an invitation!

LIBRA: You are certainly doing your duty these days, so don’t worry that you’re not coming up to scratch – you are! Make some great connections and enjoy the chat. From Friday, concentrate on  your surroundings – do you feel a little bit ungrounded?

SCORPIO: This is a time for healing, particularly regarding your low energy and your sensitivities, or allergies. Take supplements, get some rest, be nice to yourself.   You can also get some worries out in the open and talk things over with those you love.

SAGITTARIUS: If you’ve been feeling glum, life gets better once the Sun is happily parked in your sign, from Friday. People give you their time, you feel strong, optimistic and healthy – but expected help or invitations may be delayed for the moment.

CAPRICORN: You are extra attractive and sexy this week and people buzz around you, wanting your attention. They may also want your help, however, but you’re happy to give it and others will help you in their turn. You begin a fairly quiet month, when you attend to your own affairs.

AQUARIUS: Poor choices, or not looking where you’re going, may lead to the need for a bit of t.l.c this week! Try to focus on where you are headed, both literally and figuratively. You begin a month of socialising, when everyone wants your company.

PISCES: You take centre stage this week and if you’re an entertainer, you are a smash hit! As the Sun moves overhead in your chart, your career takes off and everyone gives you their attention. (Results may be a little delayed however, so don’t panic!)