The Gypsy and the Judge

When I discovered Past Life Regression Therapy, back in 1991, I hardly dared to believe what I was experiencing. I had already been an Astrologer for ten years and a Journalist for twenty. I approached life through thought, through logic, through the workings of the mind.  And now here was a way to acquire knowledge directly, bypassing logic and the careful scrutinies of science.  Here was a way to learn more about myself and others by diving straight into the subconscious and dealing directly with feelings.
I learned how to bring someone into a state of deep relaxation, so that they were able to remember things they simply could not access in their daily lives.  I learned how to help someone remember a past lifetime, a life in which they had been born, loved, suffered, worked, played, acquired knowledge and eventually, died.
Through my training and the gradual accumulation of experience, I learned how to tie together these two branches of learning, Astrology and Past Life Regression.  I am a Gemini and therefore in past lifetimes I have been a wanderer, a gypsy, a writer, a poet, a courier, a dancer, an acrobat. All of this is accumulated in my Sun in Gemini, in the Natal Chart.
But I also have the Moon in Libra in my Natal Chart and therefore, in past lifetimes, I have been a judge, a centurion, a champion of people’s rights, a revolutionary, a crusader, a nun, an actress and a rich Roman matron.
Learning about your past lives is an enriching and revelatory experience. Suddenly, you know why you hate cheese, or red dresses, or palm trees. You understand why you shy away from close relationships, why you’re so possessive around your children, why you fear long journeys or butterflies. Every one of your fears, fancies, phobias or obsessions can be traced back to a particular moment in a particular past lifetime. And once you remember that moment, that lifetime, then you can be released from the blocks that prevent you from moving forward in your life.
Through remembering a past life and through healing that past life, you can set yourself free.
It’s a gentle method of healing, since you’re remembering something that happened long ago.  It’s easier by far than confronting the same issues in your present life, yet by healing the past, you can, at the same time, heal your present and your future.

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