Past Life Regressions

The Pharaoh was all powerful in Ancient Egypt

Have you lived before?

I’m beavering away on my first book, which is all about how to discover your past lives.  Since my very first regression, back in 1991, when I discovered I had been a priest in Ancient Egypt, I have been fascinated by the concept of reincarnation.  It’s not just a case of being curious about who you were – although that’s a good enough reason to start searching – it’s also about healing your present life.

For example, if you can’t swim and you’re terrified of the water, then you probably experienced something very traumatic in a past life. You may have drowned, or watched someone you loved drowning, or perished in a tsunami, or gone down with a ship. A client recently described to me how, when she was a young woman in Victorian England, she was returning from an enjoyable trip to Europe when there was a terrible storm and the ship sank with all hands. She says she remembers her heavy dress dragging her down in the water. (That scene in the movie The Piano, where the heroine lets herself slip into the water, really upset her!)  If you want to let me know about any of your past life memories, I’d be really interested to hear about them. They may even finish up in my book!


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