Thursday 3rd December 2015

Doing Things Differently


This is a day of change: while it may be inevitable, it may still be difficult for you to adjust. However, remember that without change, there can be no progress. It may be that your usual routine is disrupted, whether by design or by accident. Perhaps you will do something impulsive, which will change the way you think, or even your whole outlook on life. Perhaps someone else will initiate the change and even if you feel cross at first, it should turn out well, as the Wheel of Fortune is considered to be a beneficial card. It may also indicate a change of scene and therefore you will be travelling, or at least, out and about, instead of vegetating at home. Embrace the changes and see where they lead!

Image : The Wheel of Fortune from the Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck by Linda Ravenscroft.

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