Saturday 5th December 2015


Whither Goest Thou? (And Why.)

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, not just about whether to be a brain surgeon or an opera singer, but also about such mundane matters as whether to have pizza or burgers for lunch. No matter whether your choices are large or small today, you need to weigh up the situation, look for all available information and try to come down on one side or the other. Of course it could help to consider a third option, perhaps something ingenious, one that seems to make everyone happy. The Two of Swords can also be a card of stalemate, but this simply means the choice must be faced again at a later date, the difference being that, by then, it will be very urgent. There may be a clash of opinions today, but hopefully not a full-blown argument. Try to keep things civilized!

Image: Two of Swords by Shatterstripes.

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