TUESDAY 8th December 2015


A Rosy Glow

Try to keep your feet on the ground today, whatever you are doing. You may be daydreaming, or busy with a very absorbing task, or simply visiting Santa and his elves. It is a good day for this kind of whimsy, or perhaps seeing a movie, attending a play or a show, or doing anything that takes you away from the basic routine of your life. However, don’t get too carried away, as you could be very forgetful, to the point of losing your keys, or forgetting where you parked your car, or having a few drinks too many in the pre-Christmas party spirit. In your rose-coloured glasses, you may even waltz off from the office party with someone you later decide is definitely not for you! This card is all about romance and fantasy – just make sure you don’t get them confused!

Image: Seven of Cups.

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