FRIDAY 18th December 2015


Doing Your Own Thing

Not sure what to do? It is better to find the answers yourself today than to ask anyone else. You will know what you want, better than others might. You may spend time today on your own, or thinking to yourself, or dozing, or meditating. Maybe you need to think about taking a new direction and to make some decisions about it. The Hermit tells you that you need to pay more attention to your spiritual development and less to practical or material concerns. Maybe you are considering what Christmas means to you and to your family. This is not a day for telling other people what to do, but for contemplating your life and your own future. The Hermit represents old Father Time and is telling you that it is time to do certain things that perhaps you have been avoiding. He will also help you to make a fresh start in some way. Creative visualization will help you and so will doing some Affirmations. (Also, the Hermit is an old man with a long white beard. Are you visiting Santa today, perchance?)

Image: The Hermit from The Chibi Tarot.

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