Wednesday 23rd December 2015


Is It Really Necessary?

When you are influenced by the Devil card, you need to do whatever you must. (Or, you think you do.) There does not seem to be much leeway today. You may be constrained by appointments, by visitors, by schedules, by itineraries, by someone’s illness, or by all the things you absolutely must do today to be ready for Christmas. This is not necessarily a problem. In fact, you may be quite pleased to be getting through your lists of things to do and to see the end in sight – more or less.  However, take care that you are not creating false boundaries for yourself. You may have more choices than you are acknowledging. Also, you may be letting your fears run away with you. Calm down and try to be logical and practical about the situation. This solstice time is a powerful time to break free of negative patterns, thought processes, addictions and influences.

Image: The Devil from The Phantomwise Tarot.

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