Saturday 5th March 2016


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Today there are things you need to get on with, whether you like it or not, tasks to be faced with the best grace you can muster. Perhaps there are lawns to mow, windows to wash, ovens to clean, or other jobs you have been saving for today and now must dispatch. It may also be a day for making a complaint, or disagreeing with someone and even if you feel you need to say your piece, you could well regret it later. You might find yourself isolated, or alone. Perhaps compromise, or forgiveness, might be a better option. There could be a challenge for you today, but make sure you face it honestly and honourably, or you may find that the price was too high. Others may choose not to accept any challenge you put forward and by simply walking away, they will win. Choose any battles carefully today. There is also the possibility of secret sabotage by someone. This may or may not be deliberate. This is certainly a day when you need to step carefully, think hard and choose your words thoughtfully. Hasty words and actions may lead to regrets.


Image:The Five of Swords from the Cheimonette Tarot, by Eden Gallanter. www.

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